Tips & Perks

Know the route

Know the bus route ahead of time. Call the MVTA at (952)882-7500 or regional transit information at (612)373-3333 to answer all your transit questions before riding the bus for the first time, or go to Routes.

Carry a current schedule

At certain times of the year, MVTA routes and schedules may change. Schedules are typically revised in December, June and September but may be revised at other times as well. Check the effective date printed on the front cover of the bus schedule in the upper right hand corner below the route number. Call (952)882-7500 to verify effective dates (use option #5 after hours). Download pdfs of pocket schedules on individual route pages.


Please have exact fare ready. Fareboxes accept dollar bills and all coins except pennies for payment but drivers do not make change. On most routes, fares are paid when entering. On afternoon routes from downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul, fares are paid when exiting. Fare information.

Ask your driver

Drivers are often the most valuable source of information. If there are questions or concerns once on board the bus, talk to the driver. They can answer schedule questions, fare questions, control the interior bus temperature or make referrals to other sources of information.

Designated Bus Stops

In downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, MVTA buses stop at designated stops only. Route 444, 445, 464 and 480B now have designated stops. All MVTA routes will be transitioned to a Bus Stop system in the next few years. See a bus schedule or call for more information.

Flag stops

In the suburbs, many of MVTAs buses will stop at any safe corner along the route. Simply wave to the driver as the bus approaches, making yourself as visible as possible. Bus beams (pocketsize flashlights) are available for passengers who wait for the bus in the dark. Other routes are considered Designated Stop routes (444, 445, 464, 480B) and a list of locations where these buses stop is included in the appropriate pocket schedule.

Arrive early & dress for the weather

Arrive at your stop at least five to ten minutes early. Buses operate on a minute-by-minute schedule and cannot wait for late passengers. Since you may need to wait in an exposed location, it is imperative to dress for the weather and be prepared for weather changes. The weather when first boarding the bus may be quite different on the ride home.

Guaranteed Ride Home

The Guaranteed Ride Home program is free and easy to use. Sponsored by the region, riders must pre-register for the program, and in turn can ride an alternate route home or be reimbursed for cab fare. Registered participants can request reimbursements up to four times per year or $100 in value, whichever comes first. Check out Guaranteed Ride Home for more information and a registration form.

Connecting service

Much of MVTA's local service is timed to meet regional buses at the Mall of America Transit Station. MVTA's express services connect with many regional buses at Lake Street & I-35W, in downtown Minneapolis, and in downtown St. Paul. If an MVTA bus does not travel direct to your destination, chances are you can still get there by transferring to another bus. More information on transfers, or more information on routes.

Detours and Snow Reroutes

Road construction may cause route changes. Buses may operate on a snow reroute schedule during winter storms. Snow reroute brochures are distributed on board buses. More information.

Lost and found

Its always a good idea to take one last look before leaving your seat. Effective July 1, 2016, for a lost or found item contact the lost and found by calling MVTA at 952-882-7500 as soon as possible. Please note item lost, describe item location on-board the bus, bus route and number (if possible), and time and day of travel.

Questions, comments or concerns

MVTA drivers work hard to provide safe, on-time, courteous service. If you have any comments, questions or concerns e-mail or call the MVTA.