Event Pass

The Event Pass is good for 6 hours on all buses and METRO lines.

Weekdays - $4.00 Cash*

Weekends - $3.50 Cash* - Good for unlimited rides within a six (6) hour period on any regional bus or train.

*No stored value cards honored


  • Passengers riding route 420 or 421 on-route pay the on-route fare and receive a free transfer to all local routes.
  • Passengers needing to transfer to an express bus and/or making an off-route trip pay the Off-Route/Express fare.
  • Passengers transferring FROM peak express buses need not pay an additional fare for an off-route trip.


A passenger may transfer at no charge between buses and rail. When you pay your fare on the first bus, ask the driver for a transfer. Transfers are valid on MVTA routes as well as any other regional transit service.

Transfers are good for use on any route, in any direction, for a 2-1/2 hour period. (Additional fare is required when transferring from a local to express bus.) When using a SuperSaver card, transfer information is encoded on the card and no additional transfer is needed.

"Rail" transfers for use with a SuperSaver stored-value card when transfering from bus to light rail have not been available since 12/1/2012. Riders should use a "Go-To" card or pay cash. If using the "Go-To" card, the transfer is embedded in the card. If paying a cash fare, simply ask the driver for a transfer.

Transfers from MVTA routes to other regional services may be made at several locations, including the Mall of America, Downtown Minneapolis, Downtown St. Paul, and the I-35W station at Lake Street. Note that in some cases, you may need to pay an additional fare when transferring to non-MVTA express buses when your trip begins in the off-peak and finishes in the peak period.