Go-To Lite Card

Go-To Lite Cardbs with stored rides are available for adults and students. They work just like Go-To cards, only they're disposable. You simply touch the card to a reader on a bus or at a participating station, and one ride is deducted automatically. Transfers are automatically added to the card so a new ride is not deducted until the transfer expires. When you've used up your rides, you can throw the card away. Lost or stolen Go-To lite Cards cannot be refunded or replaced.

10 Rides for Adults

A Go-To lite Card - 10 Rides is a better way to pay your $2.25 fare on buses and METRO lines. At $18.50 - just $1.85 per ride! - it saves you more money than paying cash. This card is not valid on express buses during rush hours or on Northstar for any portion of the fare.

10 Rides for Students (K-12)

A Go-To lite Card - 10 Rides for students is valid for $3.00 fare on buses and trains. It is a popular option for schools that help their students get to school or home, especially for after-school activities. At $13.50 - or just $1.35 per ride! - it is an excellent value and saves you more money than cash or stored value. Please note: this card is not valid on any route with a fare above $3.00.

7-Day Pass

Get unlimited bus and train rides for a whole week! For just $22, the 7-Day Pass is a great way to save!

The 7-Day Pass is valid for trips at the $2.25 fare, and includes local service during rush hours or express rides during non-rush hours. You will need to add stored value to your Go-To Card to supplement a 7-Day Pass if you ride rush-hour express routes or Northstar.

Key Facts:

  • Saves you more money than using cash or stored value
  • Better value than a 31-Day Pass if you don't ride every day

31-Day Pass

31-day passes offer 31 consecutive days of unlimited riding starting on the first day of use. Cards can be used on all MVTA services.

The price of the pass is based on the fare for which the pass is used: 

  • $59.00 pass for a $1.75 fare
  • $85.00 pass for a $2.25 fare
  • $113.50 pass for a $3.00 fare
  • $31.50 pass (Available for certified persons with disabilities only)