Student Pass

When your high school signs up for Student Pass, you're eligible for access to all regional buses and trains. Ask your school today if you are eligible for the easiest and least expensive way to get to school and extracurricular activities. Your student ID is required along with the pass; the card is valid only when used by the named cardholder. 

Learn how a school can begin offering the student pass at the Metro Transit website.

Student Passes are valid for unlimited rides on any regional bus or train. A Student Pass costs $87.50 per quarter. Additional fare is required to ride any route with a fare higher than $3.00 (for example, select Northstar fares); to cover the additional fare you must add stored value to the pass.

If your school doesn't have a transportation program or funding for your current option is being cut, look into offering the Student Pass. School administrators can provide students with reliable transportation for a fraction of the cost of yellow school buses, and students receive unlimited rides for one low price.

How It Works for the Student Pass User

Sign the Metro Transit Code of Conduct
The student must agree to Metro Transit's Code of Conduct to use the pass. Any violations of the Code can result in pass deactivation by the school administrator or Metro Transit. Often schools include addendums to Metro Transit's Code of Conduct, such as policies about pass use if the student is truant repeatedly.

Carry valid student ID with photo
A valid student ID must be presented when riding. The photo ID allows Metro Transit Police to determine validity and prevents fraudulent use by someone other than the student.

Validate the ride
Users must validate each ride by touching a Student Pass to a card reader every time they board a bus or train. Without validation, the ride is not counted and Metro Transit Police cannot verify that the pass is active and valid. Metro Transit reserves the right to deactivate the pass of any student who does not comply with fare policy.

Take proper care of the pass
For details on how the card works and how to take care of it, read the User's Guide at the Metro Transit website, or read the one included with the pass.

How It Works for the School Administrator

Each school assigns an administrator to manage the Student Pass account. This is done through an online administrator site, which makes it easy to track current passes and students, temporarily suspend or cancel passes, issue replacement passes and manage billing information.

At the beginning of the school year, the school administrator receives Student Passes that are ready to be issued; they are already valid for unlimited rides on buses and light rail so it is very important to track every pass. The school will be billed for each pass that is in use after the initial purchase or in subsequent billings.

Upon acceptance to the program, you will be sent an email invitation to set up your access to the online administrator site.

Once you have access, begin distributing Student Passes and recording which pass was given to each student. A first and last name is required for each pass distributed to ensure proper billing.

A Student Pass Sample Agreement Form can be found at the Metro Transit Website.

Canceling passes
If a student's pass is no longer needed, promptly deactivate it to avoid paying for an additional quarter.

Replacing lost, stolen or defective passes
If a student's pass is lost or stolen, the administrator should deactivate the old pass and issue a replacement from the initial shipment. If you do not have any unissued cards, place an order for additional cards to be kept in inventory. A $10 fee will be charged for a replacement pass unless the pass is deemed defective (it has no apparent physical damage and cannot be read properly). Defective passes must be returned to Metro Transit for verification as soon as possible. A credit will be issued to the school at the end of the billing period for the total number of deactivated passes that were replaced. The credit amount is the difference between the cost of the pass and the replacement fee (for example: $87.50 less $10 replacement fee = $77.50 credit).

Suspending passes
An administrator can temporarily suspend a student’s pass. There is no replacement fee because a new pass is not issued.

Payment information
The school is invoiced four times per year; each pass costs $87.50 per quarter. At the end of each quarter, the administrator downloads an "active pass" report from the administrator site. The administrator verifies the list of active passes and indicates which passes have not been issued (these should be noted by those without names assigned) and cancel any passes as necessary. Prior to the billing cycle, you will be reminded via email, to confirm the number of cards currently issued/registered. If no confirmation is received, you will be invoiced for the total number of cards active under your account.

Learn more about the Student Pass payment process at the Metro Transit website.