Lost and Found Procedure

We strongly urge all riders to make sure they have all of their belongings with them before exiting the bus.

Realizing that sometimes an item is accidentally left on a bus, the following procedure is in place:

Items found on a bus are turned in at the bus garages.

These items are brought to Customer Service at Burnsville Transit Station (100 Highway 13) the following business day around 10:00 am.

Items may be picked up from Burnsville Transit Station between 8am and 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday.

Items are kept at Burnsville Transit Station for two weeks.

If you believe your item was left on a bus, you may contact Customer Service at (952) 882-7500.

Due to limited time and staffing resources, we do not contact drivers during their shifts to ask them to look for lost items.

Again, we very strongly urge you to be sure you have all of your belongings (gloves, hats, earbuds, shoes, lunchboxes, false teeth) with you when you leave your seat.