This alert applies to routes: 440, 490, 491, 495, 497, 499

Upcoming Changes to MVTA Routes Effective February 18, 2017

Routes 460, 465, 470, 475, 477 and 480 will operate a Reduced Weekday schedule on Presidents’ Day (Monday, February 20) and Good Friday (April 14). All other routes will operate regular weekday service.

Route 440 Southbound will have an added trip departing VA Medical Center at 3:31 pm on weekdays.

Route 490: Addition of a Flag Stop along County Road 21 between County Road 82 and Raspberry Ridge Road

Route 491: Routing revision: NB trips will continue past Boone Ave. until 126th St.  SB trips will turn onto S Frontage Road off of 126th Street. Trips will continue to operate as flag stop along Frontage Road.

Route 495: WB trips departing MOA at 4:54 and 5:54 will begin at 4:55 and 5:56 a.m.

Route 497: EB trips will serve St. Francis Hospital (after Marschall/4th, before ending at Marschall Road Transit Station). Riders wishing to travel westbound should board this eastbound trip and transfer to WB bus at Marschall Road Transit Station.

Route 499: Will no longer serve St. Francis Hospital (Hospital will instead be served by Eastbound Route 497)