Lake Street stops will not be served during the 35W construction project. Riders who currently use Lake Street as a transfer point will need to use alternative routing to reach their destinations. Alternative transfer points may include Downtown Minneapolis, Mall of America, or South Bloomington Transit Center.

Connections to Blaisdell/Lake Street can be made on Marquette Avenue/8th (Stop D) on Metro Transit Route 535.

Connections to Chicago Lake Transit Center can be made on 8th Street between Marquette and 2nd Avenue on Metro Transit Route 39.

Riders may also access Lake Street via Metro Transit Route 21. Stops include the Lake St/Midtown Station, Chicago Lake Transit Center, Lake/Blaisdell and Uptown Transit Station.

Transfers are Easy!

Please contact MVTA Customer Service at (952) 882-7500 or Metro Transit at (612) 373-3333 for assistance in planning your commute.