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MVTA Board Educational Opportunities

This section is being developed in conjunction with the MVTA Board's Strategic Plan Update in 2013. Education is a key strategy in the Leadership & Governance area. This section is designed to give Board members easy access to information about upcoming conferences and to track minutes or issues related to our mission.

If there are additional Boards or web-sites to be added to this section, please contact the website administrator.

2014 Transportation Policy Plan Draft Comments
MVTA is collecting the comments submitted by our cities and counties. They will be posted as received.

Studies & Projects
Dakota County Human Transportation Services Study conducted by U of M Center for Transportation Studies (CTS)

Orange Line

Highway BRT Study (I-35E)

Ziprail(Rochester-Twin Cities)

Driver Assist System(DAS)

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Upcoming APTA Conferences

American Public Transit Association (APTA) Annual Meeting and Expo 2014

APTA web-site with program and conference details - registration is open
October 12-15, 2014
Houston, TX


Registration is now open. See Program
September 21-24, 2014
Minneapolis, MN

Future Conference Dates:

  • October 4-7, 2015
    San Francisco, CA
  • September 9-11, 2016
    Los Angeles, CA
  • October 8-11, 2017*
    Atlanta, GA

Upcoming MPTA Conferences

Minnesota Public Transit Association (MPTA) Conference & Expo

MPTA web-site with preliminary program and conference details

2014 MPTA Annual Conference

Registration is open - see tentative program
St. Paul River Centre - St. Paul, MN
September 9-11 2014

2015 MPTA Annual Conference

Duluth Entertainment Convention Center - Duluth, MN
October 19-21, 2015

2016 MPTA Annual Conference

Mayo Civic Center - Rochester, MN
October 17-19, 2016