Please Use Cell Phone Courtesy on MVTA Buses

The Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) wants to make the ride as pleasant and safe as possible for all our riders. We continue to hear concerns from riders regarding loud ringing from multiple cell phones, prolonged conversations irritating to others, and the potential for cell phones to create a safety hazard if they interfere with the driver's ability to concentrate or operate the bus.

If you travel with a cell phone, we ask your cooperation in following these simple rules of etiquette:

  • Please set your phones to ring as quietly as possible, or even better, set them to vibration mode.
  • If possible, please limit the length of your phone conversation to just a couple of minutes. Most people respond to a polite statement that you can phone them back at a specified time. Several people on cell calls at the same time, greatly elevates the background noise inside the bus.
  • Keep your voice and your laughter, as low as possible. People unconsciously raise their voice when talking over the other sounds on the bus. You may not want to share your personal information with those around you: and they may not want to know your details.
  • Be aware that you are sharing space with others.

MVTA drivers have the right to stop the bus at any time the ringing of cell phones or conversations are interfering with their operation of the bus.