Forum & Photos How-To

How to Use the Community Forums

To join the forum, a user must have an account created through the MVTA website. After they set up their forum username (by clicking "Login" on the Forum page), it will be tied to their website account, and they will be automatically logged in to the forum upon signing in to the website.
When creating a username, users are given the option to pull avatars from their social media accounts.

  • Visit
  • Different forum categories are displayed, with discussion threads underneath.
  • Click the orange "Create Thread" button to create a new topic.
  • Or, click a thread title to view and/or join a discussion.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the thread to see the reply box, as well as a button giving you the option to follow that thread.

How to Submit Photos to MVTA Community Photos from your Phone

  • Visit on your phone
  • Log in to your account
  • Tap on the "Drop Files, or Click to Upload" button
  • A box pops up asking where to pull your image from.
  • SMART PHONE: Most will choose "Gallery" and then "Camera Shots" as their default image folder
  • IPHONE: Most will choose "Camera Roll" as their default image folder
  • Choose which of your images you would like to upload.
  • The uploader will kick in, showing a progress bar.
  • When it's finished uploading, it will say "Thank you, your photo will be considered!"
  • The image will be stored in MVTA's website, awaiting approval.
  • Check back later to see if you photo is in a gallery!