MVTA Customer Service Philosophy

Strategic Mission

Minnesota Valley Transit Authority provides mobility through an efficient, integrated network of equipment, facilities and service.

Strategic Vision

The Minnesota Valley Transit Authority is a trusted partner in transportation, serving as an innovative leader in moving people to destinations. 

Customer Service Philosophy

According to the MVTA’s Strategic Plan, we are to provide a system to meet customer needs for information, access to services, customer comments, etc. It is our charge to track all customer comments to feed plans guiding service delivery. We are to report to the Board at least quarterly matching customer comments to established provider benchmarks. We are further charged with reviewing requests for information for inclusion in ongoing marketing plans or future service delivery.

We are also to establish a customer service philosophy, customer service policies and a grievance procedure; we are to review these annually. Finally, the Board has directed that we use customer service as a "differentiator" when providing service.

The MVTA’s Customer Service Philosophy is as follows:

 “The MVTA will provide prompt, reliable and courteous service to all callers and riders, with the goal of having every caller on the bus as a satisfied customer.”

By keeping this philosophy in mind with each caller and visitor, the MVTA will continue to differentiate itself in the transit industry as a leader. Other ways of differentiating ourselves with in the customer service arena include:

  • Callers requesting a response to a service-related situation will receive a return call within one (1) business day.
  • All comments regarding MVTA bus service are tracked in the Customer Service Data Base.
  • All requests for additional service (within the MVTA service area) are tracked in the Customer Service Data Base. If a service is implemented, those requesting the service will be notified.
  • The MVTA will have periodic “spot” checks of service by riders and staff.
  • The MVTA will reward good service from drivers by issuing Driver Compliments and by sponsoring a “Driver of the Year” program.