Ride MVTA to DCTC Dakota County Technical College

Enjoy hassle-free bus service to DCTC!

Starting Aug. 20, 2018, DCTC students and employees can take advantage of numerous stops per day via Route 420. This route connects directly to Rosemount and the Apple Valley Transit Center, offering multiple connection points.

There will be two morning trips to the campus, two afternoon trips as well as single trips in the afternoon and evening. Route 420 is a local route, with a rush hour fare of $2.50.

Route 420 - DCTC Schedule
  AVTSRosemountDCTC ArrivalDCTC DepartureRosemountAVTS
AM 7:10 am 7:31 am 7:42 am 7:42 am 7:51 am 8:12 am
  8:22 am 8:43 am 8:54 am 8:54 am 9:03 am 9:24 am
Mid-day PM 12:43 pm 1:08 pm 1:19 pm 1:40 pm 1:49 pm 2:10 pm
  4:08 pm 4:29 pm 4:40 pm 4:40 pm 4:49 pm 5:10 pm
  5:20 pm 5:41 pm 5:52 pm 5:52 pm 6:01 pm 6:22 pm
Late Night       9:21 pm 9:30 pm 9:51 pm

College Pass

MVTA is proud to partner with DCTC to offer the College Pass Program. Sold on campus, the pass costs $165 per semester (Aug. 15-Dec. 31; Jan. 1-May 31) and offers faster boarding, seamless transfers, and balance protection; passes are valid for unlimited rides on bus and Metro lines.

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For more information on enrollment and programs at DCTC, visit dctc.edu or call Admissions at 651-423-8000.