Sustainably charged: MVTA Electrifies Public Transit in Minnesota

The electric version of Europe’s best-selling minibus has made its way to Minnesota and Minnesota Valley Transit Authority is proud to lead the first ever e-Jest revenue vehicle demo in the United States. 

The Karsan e-Jest Minibus, built in Türkiye, boasts a BMW 100% electric motor with a 130-mile range and the ability to fully charge in four hours. While braking, the vehicle regenerates up to 25% of the kinetic energy and charges the battery, contributing to the impressive range. The 18-passenger vehicle with an up to 12-year useful lifespan is compatible with Level 2 AC and DC and Level 3 DC charging, allowing for both advanced and fast charging. The external area of the e-Jest is zero emission, helping MVTA be an industry leader in providing cleaner transit solutions.

MVTA operators who’ve driven the e-Jest appreciate the panoramic windshield, the built-in onboard LED lighting, the location of the driver’s seat, and the impressive turning radius. Passengers are also impressed with smooth and quiet ride, the easily reachable grab bars, and ease of boarding. In the first weeks of the demo, the e-Jest proved more than capable of handling Minnesota snow and cold – sticking to the road like glue despite the wet driving surface.

Currently, the e-Jest Minibus is on display at the American Public Transit Association legislative conference in Washington, D.C., but will be back in action in the MVTA Connect service area from March 20 to April 7.

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