MVTA Launching new RideMVTA App

The icon for the new RideMVTA app. The icon for the new RideMVTA app.

MVTA Connect is a ride-share service that allows customers to book trips on their smart phones 7 days a week between 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. MVTA Connect provides trips in Apple Valley, Burnsville, Savage and Rosemount. MVTA Connect - Eagan provides trips exclusively within the city of Eagan. Each MVTA Connect zone provides service to a transit center for connections to other MVTA services. Service is based on availability. Pick-up times and trip times can fluctuate based on customer usage and traffic during the day. 

Service Alerts

New RideMVTA App: Effective January 30, MVTA is implementing a new app to improve the rider experience and reduce wait times.

Search “RideMVTA” on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store to download the free app.

Updated Connect Policies: 

  • To reduce wait times and make Connect a more on-demand service, riders will now be able to book rides up to 3 hours in advance.
  • Connect drivers will no longer call and will wait three minutes upon arrival. As your pickup time approaches, please be ready for your Connect vehicle.

How to Book a Ride: The new RideMVTA App includes modifications to the Connect booking procedures designed to improve service efficiency and improve customer experience. 

  1. Select "Plan & Route"
  2. Type your destination
  3. Choose the Connect trip
  4. Select "Start Booking"
  5. Select "Buy Tickets" or if paying cash onboard, tap "Pay with Cash"
  6. Indicate number of riders
  7. Select "Add to Cart"
  8. If necessary, add your credit card or use a stored one, including Apple Pay
  9. Slide to activate the ticket
  10. Tap X to close the ticket
  11. Click "Request Ride Now"

Paying for Your Ride

  • The current one-way fare for an MVTA Connect trip is $3, purchased using credit, debit, or cash (exact amount required when boarding). Children 5 and under ride free. Connect riders can request a same-day transfer from the driver to ride on MVTA fixed route buses. The transfer is valid that day for a fixed-route bus trip. 

Fares are per person, per trip.  

Keys to a Smooth Ride

  1. All trips using the app require a booking within 3 hours of your desired departure. Tickets may be purchased in advance.
  2. If you need an ADA-accessible vehicle, be sure to request it when booking so that an appropriate vehicle can be assigned. 
  3. Be ready. Vehicles depart 3 minutes after arriving at the pick-up point.
  4. Need to cancel a trip? Be sure to do so before the vehicle arrives via the app to avoid payment. Once vehicles arrive, trips will not be refunded.
  5. During your ride, the MVTA driver may stop and pick up or drop off other riders. All rides provide curb-to-curb service.
  6. Customers who use Connect may request a free same-day transfer that can be used on any MVTA fixed-route bus. The transfer tickets will not be valid for future trips on Connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I book a ride?

Customers can book trips on the RideMVTA app 3 hours in advance. 

What is the minimum age to ride connect?

Children 5 and under ride free and children 10 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while riding the bus.

What can I bring on a Connect bus?

Your belongings should be limited to the amount you can carry in one trip. A wheeled cart is allowed if dimensions don’t exceed 18 x 18 inches and 30 inches in height. Customers must be in control of their cart at all times, and it should be stored in such a way to not impede the movement of passengers or the driver. This may mean folding or collapsing the cart.

What if I am running late?

Connect drivers will wait up to 3 minutes after your scheduled departure time before departing.

What if I want to cancel my ride?

Rides can be canceled prior to your pickup. To cancel a ride, go to the RideMVTA homepage, scroll and tap “View Journey;” then top “Ride on the Way;” then tap the Red X. Select an option for why you canceled the trip and then tap “Confirm.”

How long will it take for the bus to arrive?

Connect vehicles can typically arrive between 10 minutes to a half hour after you request a trip. Plan accordingly to arrive at your destination if you need to get there at a specific time. Service is based on availability. Pick-up times and trip times can fluctuate based on customer usage and traffic during the day.

Why am I getting an error message when booking a trip?

Check to make sure your trip is within the MVTA Connect service area (Apple Valley, Burnsville, Rosemount, and Savage) or the MVTA Connect-Eagan service area (City of Eagan). 

Check to make sure your trip is booked between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Who do I contact regarding booking issues?

If you are receiving an error message while attempting to book a trip on the RideMVTA app, please call MVTA Customer Service at 952-882-7500.

What are payment options for my Connect Ride?

If paying with cash have exact amount ready. Drivers don’t make change. Riders may also use the payment options on the RideMVTA app. Go-To Cards are not a payment option.

What if I am taking a fixed route MVTA bus as well?

MVTA Connect makes stops at MVTA transit locations, including Apple Valley Transit Station, Burnsville Transit Station and Rosemount Transit Station. MVTA Connect-Eagan makes transfers at Cedar Grove Transit Station and Eagan Transit Station. Riders can plan trips using MVTA local or express buses by using the Ride MVTA app, the trip planner at or call MVTA Customer Service at 952-882-7500.

For more information on the new app, visit here.

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