MVTA announces next level of sanitization

MVTA is installing the latest air purification systems on our  buses to provide the safest onboard environment.MVTA is installing the latest air purification systems on our buses to provide the safest onboard environment.

New air purification systems on buses targets airborne contaminants

Since the beginning of the pandemic, MVTA has made health and safety of customers and employees our top priority.

With safety at the forefront, MVTA is installing the latest air purification system on our buses to provide the safest onboard environment possible.

MVTA is installing bipolar ionization directly within our existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems on MVTA buses.

Bipolar ionization, a process that has been around for decades, actively and continuously treats airborne contaminants. Current purification technologies only trap or reduce contaminants as they pass through an HVAC unit. Bipolar Ionization is used to produce high concentrations of positively and negatively charged oxygen ions that have been proven to deactivate airborne contaminants, including bacteria, virus cells, odorous gases, and aerosols.

This process is 100 percent chemical free and completely safe for passengers. Bipolar ionization runs continuously while a bus is in operation, eliminating the need for downtime or interruption of service.  Cabin air will be treated working in conjunction with filters and to safeguard air quality, thus creating the cleanest possible environment for passengers. 

“While this new process is next step in onboard safety, MVTA has been leading on safety measures during the pandemic,” said MVTA Fleet Manager Dan Rudiger. 

Safety precautions MVTA has taken include the promotion of federal face mask guidelines; new partitions on buses to safeguard riders and drivers; enhanced cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting procedures; and daily changing of air filters. MVTA also has taken additional steps to improve air filtration and sanitation at MVTA transit stations.

Customers are urged to continue to do their part to maintain the health and safety for everyone by limiting the touching of surfaces, using Go-To Cards for fare payment when possible, and limiting the amount of talking done on buses.

For more information, contact MVTA Customer Service by email at or call 952-882-7500.


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