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MVTA Stroller Policy

Strollers must be collapsed and kept out of the aisle.Strollers must be collapsed and kept out of the aisle.

General Policies : MVTA

Stroller Policy

MVTA's stroller safety policy is designed to protect the safety of children and others on the bus.

When riding MVTA €ˆbuses with children in strollers, please use care and follow these procedures:

  1. Remove child(ren) from stroller(s).
  2. Collapse stroller(s) and make sure it/they are not blocking the doorway or the aisle of the bus.
  3. If strollers do not collapse for storage, we are unable to accommodate you on the bus.
  4. Strollers may not be placed in the wheelchair area on any bus. These spaces must be available to our mobility-challenged riders at any time.

NOTE: Folding the stroller not only makes it easier for other customers to get on and off the bus, but it also makes the ride safer for you and your child. A child in a stroller runs the risk of being injured as a result of sudden bus movements. Thank you for your cooperation.