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MVTA urges commuters to prepare for I-35W construction

Major construction is expected to begin in June on I-35W.Major construction is expected to begin in June on I-35W.

Major construction activity is expected to begin in June on I-35W and affect all downtown commuters from the south metro area. The construction start date of this phase of construction is still pending.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is rebuilding the freeway and bridges, fixing and adding ramps, building a transit station and making improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists. 

In summer of 2018, access to and from downtown from I-35W will be closed for four months and lanes will be reduced.


MnDOT is urging all users of the corridor to consider altering work schedules and explore alternate modes of travel, including:

  • Working from home one day a week.
  • Starting and ending work earlier or later than usual.
  • Carpooling.
  • Using public transit.

Minnesota Valley Transit Authority offers 14 express routes to downtown Minneapolis on weekdays, 12 of which use the 35W corridor.

“We agree with state officials that behavior changes are needed by commuters to lessen the impacts of this major construction project,” said MVTA Executive Director Luther Wynder. “This would be a good time for south metro residents to try transit to help reduce the number of vehicles using the corridor. Transit riders also can use their time productively on the bus as opposed to fighting the congestion.”

Scheduled bus departure times will remain the same, but riders should expect longer trip times to Minneapolis and plan accordingly.


On July 2, new Route 416 will serve Eagan Transit Station and avoid the 35W corridor. The bus route will connect commuters to the Blue Line Light Rail Train at 46th Street Station. The Blue Line connects to downtown Minneapolis.

Also beginning July 2, select Route 460 trips will begin at Heart of the City Park & Ride before serving Burnsville Transit Station. This change provides additional parking options for riders commuting to/from the Burnsville area. 


MVTA also is encouraging customers to consider alternate transit connections during construction – including the Blue Line Train that runs from Mall of America to downtown Minneapolis. MVTA has several routes that connect with the Blue Line at Mall of America, including:

Apple Valley: Red Line

Burnsville: Route 495, Route 444

Eagan: Red Line, Route 446, Route 416 (effective July 2)

Rosemount: Route 420 (connect to Red Line at Apple Valley Transit Station)

Savage: Route 444

Shakopee: Route 495

The Blue Line runs about every 10 minutes during peak times and provides connections to downtown Minneapolis. Transfers allow passengers to transfer to the light rail without additional charge.

For updates on 35W construction activity, go to

For more information and to use the MVTA Trip Planner and sign up for route alerts, go to or contact MVTA Customer Service at 952-882-7500 or email