New app provides more options for connecting with MVTA

Download the MVTA See Say Now app at Google Play or the App Store.
Download the MVTA See Say Now app at Google Play or the App Store.

The new MVTA Say Something Safety and Security App offers riders a quick and discreet method for reporting concerns directly to MVTA or local law enforcement. App users can send photos, 15-second video, text descriptions, and locations of suspicious people or activities.

From the home screen, users have two easy options for contacting authorities:

The "Report a Problem" button allows users to send text with a photo or short video directly to MVTA. When reporting an issue, users can select locations and report categories. Riders can also send reports anonymously if they choose.

The "Call Police" button will connect riders directly to local law enforcement.

The application is designed for robust operation even under conditions of poor signal strength. If you send a report from an area without cellular/Wi-Fi connectivity, it will be stored and sent when connectivity returns. The system is also designed to send text descriptions before photos so that the police can get information as 

In the event of a problem installing the app or if you do not have an Apple or Android phone, you may also Text a Tip to MVTA: 952-234-5956.

Installation overview

Instructions shown are for iOS (screens are similar for Android)

  1. Download the See Say Now app:

iPhone users > Download the app from the Apple Store

Android users > Download the app from the Google Play Store

  1. After downloading the See Say Now, open the app and you will be navigated through the following setup screens:
  • EULA Screen – After reading, Click I Agree at bottom
  • Start Screen – Click Next at bottom
  • My Info Screen – Fill out name and contact information, Click Next at top
  • Organizations Screen – Click Add Organization
  • Select Organization –Select MVTA, click Done
  • Permission Screen – Allow app to use Location and Notification

Using the app

On the Home Screen – To report an incident, Click the Report a Problem Button

  • If including photo or video - Click the camera icon to select media
  • Select Report Type to add an appropriate description
  • Select Report Location
  • Enable Anonymous if you want to send the report anonymously
  • Enter in your text message
  • Click Send Report Button

Complete step-by-step installation instructions are here.

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