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New coach buses added to MVTA fleet

MVTA is proud to introduce its newest addition to the fleet: 2018 MCI 45-foot coach buses. The MVTA Transportation Department has been reviewing several different bus features and has brought the new coaches into the 21st century with updated flooring, seating, USB phone chargers and other new rider amenities to give our riders a fresh new look and the safest ride possible.

MVTA’s express customers can experience these new coaches on rides to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.  MVTA Fleet Manager Dan Rudiger stated, “I try to keep my eyes open for new technology that can make our passengers’ ride safer and more enjoyable.”

The 45-foot coach-style buses from Motor Coach Industries (MCI), a company based out of Winnipeg, Canada, arrived in late June.  MVTA buses typically operate for about 14 years before they are taken out of service. As the older buses are retired, new vehicles – and new vehicle styles – are selected for replacement.  MVTA’s Transportation Department methodically selected all the details in the 2018 models. The new MCIs feature reclining seats with a leather-like finish. The reclining seats return to their upright position automatically. Customers have liked them for their comfort. Other amenities include pull-down trays to improve workspace as well as an adjustable footrest available at the bottom of each seat.

The gap of time between ordering a bus and transporting customers is about 18 months. Within this time, buses are manufactured, delivered, and put through endless checks for safety and efficiency. There is a lot that goes on behind the scene before new MVTA buses hit the road. Those decisions by the MVTA Transportation Department are geared toward providing safety and comfort for our bus riders.