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Route 490/Route 493 upcoming schedule changes

Effective Nov. 17, MVTA trip schedules will be updated and changes are planned for Route 490 and Route 493 riders.

Route 490

Route 490 provides express service to Downtown Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota from Prior Lake and Shakopee.

Select 490 Northbound trips to Minneapolis have been eliminated and select stops have been added at Marschall Road Transit Station. The change eliminates two morning departures from Eagle Creek Park & Ride.

Route 493

Route 493 provides express service from Marschall Road Transit Station in Shakopee to Downtown Minneapolis. Some 493 trips have been eliminated and some will be covered by Route 490 trips serving Marschall Road Transit Station.

The route adjustments are designed to increase service efficiency while minimizing impact to customers.

Riders are urged to consult the adjusted Route 490/493 schedules that take effect November 17 and plan accordingly. 

Questions? Please consult the updated schedules that take effect Nov. 17 or email or call MVTA Customer Service at or 952-882-7500.