Survey on downtown detour routes underway

MVTA is seeking customer feedback via survey regarding six southbound routes that have been on detour out of Minneapolis since July.

The routes on detour are 464, 470, 472, 476, 478 and 479. In all, 47 trips have been shifted off of Marquette Avenue with the goal of improving trip times and relieving congestion on Marquette Avenue. These routes have been using 4th Avenue and 3rd Avenue to depart the downtown area.

Time checks by MVTA staff this summer have shown that trip times out of downtown on detoured routes have been reduced. The average time getting out of downtown is about 11.5 minutes on those routes compared to an average time of about 20 minutes when the routes operated on Marquette.

MVTA is surveying customers through Sept. 25 on whether to maintain the routing off of Marquette Avenue.

Customers are encouraged to take the survey at

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