This alert applies to routes: 464, 470, 472, 476, 478, 479

In an effort to reduce travel time out of Minneapolis beginning MONDAY, JULY 8, the following detour will be in effect until further notice. 

NO PICK UP AT GATEWAY RAMP. (Board on 4th Avenue at 3rd Street)

Southbound Bus Stops will be:

4th Avenue at 3rd Street  before crossing 3rd Street.

4th Avenue at 5th Street before crossing 5th Street

4th Avenue at 7th Street  before crossing 7th Street.

3rd Avenue at 11th Street before crossing 11th Street.

Trips will begin on 4th Avenue at 3rd St. at the same time they have been departing Gateway Ramp.

This applies only to Southbound Routes 464, 470, 472, 476, 478 & 479 

All other MVTA Routes will continue using Marquette Avenue.

Northbound trips will continue to use the same routing into downtown.