This alert applies to routes: 421, 444, 464

City of Savage will begin Phase 2 reconstruction of Glendale Road on Tuesday, June 11 which will close Glendale from County Road 42 to McColl Drive.

Detour as follows:

Routes 421 and 464: Regular on Lynn Avenue, left at roundabout to McColl Drive, right on Judicial Road, right on Burnsville Parkway, right on Burnsville Parkway Southcross Intersection, right on West Preserve Blvd to 141st Street, left on Huntington Avenue and back to regular.

All stops on Glendale will be closed. 

Route 421 riders may board the bus at any safe location along this detour route. 

Route 464 riders are directed to either Savage Park & Ride or Lynn Avenue at 129th Street NW corner.

444 NB, 464 SB: Regular on Huntington, right on 141st Street to West Preserve Blvd, right on Burnsville Parkway, left on County Road 42 and back to regular.

County Road 42/Ewing and County Road 42/Burnsville Pkwy SW corner will be closed.  Passengers are directed to either Savage Park & Ride, or County Road 42 at Judicial Road.

464 SB: Regular at Savage Park & Ride, left on Huntington Avenue, right on County Road 42, right on Vernon Avenue, right on McColl Drive, left at roundabout to Lynn Ave and back to regular.