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Southdale LINK (498) - Shakopee - Golden Triangle - Southdale - Express 

Serving Marschall Road Transit Station, the Golden Triangle area, and Southdale Transit Station.

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MVTA Trip Planner

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Weekday: 498 Northbound
Marschall Road Transit Station
Washington Ave at Valley View NE Corner
Optum Way at Optum Cir NE Corner
Bren Rd E at Blue Circle Dr NE corner
Southdale Transit Center
6:40am 7:05am 7:10am 7:15am 7:28am
7:40am 8:05am 8:10am 8:15am 8:28am
8:40am 9:05am 9:10am 9:15am 9:28am
9:40am 10:05am 10:10am 10:15am 10:28am
10:40am 11:05am 11:10am 11:15am 11:28am
11:40am 12:05pm 12:10pm 12:15pm 12:28pm
12:40pm 1:05pm 1:10pm 1:15pm 1:28pm
1:40pm 2:05pm 2:10pm 2:15pm 2:28pm
2:40pm 3:05pm 3:10pm 3:15pm 3:28pm
3:40pm 3:58pm 4:03pm 4:08pm 4:21pm
4:40pm 4:58pm 5:03pm 5:08pm 5:21pm
5:40pm 5:58pm 6:03pm 6:08pm 6:21pm
6:40pm 6:58pm 7:03pm 7:08pm 7:21pm
7:40pm 7:58pm 8:03pm 8:08pm 8:21pm
Weekday: 498 Southbound
Southdale Transit Center
Bren Rd E at Blue Circle Dr NE corner
Optum Way at Optum Circle NW Corner
Washington Ave at Valley View NW Corner
Marschall Road Transit Station
6:35am 6:50am 6:55am 7:00am 7:18am
7:35am 7:50am 7:55am 8:00am 8:18am
8:35am 8:50am 8:55am 9:00am 9:18am
9:35am 9:50am 9:55am 10:00am 10:18am
10:35am 10:50am 10:55am 11:00am 11:18am
11:35am 11:50am 11:55am 12:00pm 12:18pm
12:35pm 12:50pm 12:55pm 1:00pm 1:18pm
1:35pm 1:50pm 1:55pm 2:00pm 2:18pm
2:35pm 2:50pm 2:55pm 3:00pm 3:25pm
3:35pm 3:50pm 3:55pm 4:00pm 4:25pm
4:35pm 4:50pm 4:55pm 5:00pm 5:25pm
5:35pm 5:50pm 5:55pm 6:00pm 6:25pm
6:35pm 6:50pm 6:55pm 7:00pm 7:25pm
7:35pm 7:50pm 7:55pm 8:00pm 8:25pm