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Tuesday, Nov 24th, 2020

Weekday: RED Northbound
Apple Valley Transitway Station NB Cedar Av at 147 St NE corner (Caribou Coffee) Cedar Av at 140 St NE corner Cedar Grove Transit Station NB (Online) Mall of America Red Line Gate E
3:45am 3:48am 3:50am 3:55am 4:04am
4:35am 4:38am 4:40am 4:45am 4:54am
5:03am 5:06am 5:08am 5:13am 5:22am
5:34am 5:37am 5:39am 5:44am 5:54am
6:03am 6:06am 6:08am 6:13am 6:24am
6:25am 6:28am 6:30am 6:35am 6:46am
6:52am 6:55am 6:58am 7:03am 7:14am
7:12am 7:15am 7:18am 7:23am 7:34am
7:32am 7:35am 7:38am 7:43am 7:54am
7:52am 7:55am 7:58am 8:03am 8:14am
8:13am 8:16am 8:18am 8:23am 8:34am
8:33am 8:36am 8:38am 8:43am 8:54am
8:53am 8:56am 8:58am 9:03am 9:14am
9:13am 9:16am 9:18am 9:23am 9:34am
9:33am 9:36am 9:38am 9:43am 9:54am
9:53am 9:56am 9:58am 10:03am 10:14am
10:13am 10:16am 10:18am 10:23am 10:34am
10:33am 10:36am 10:38am 10:43am 10:54am
10:53am 10:56am 10:58am 11:03am 11:14am
11:13am 11:16am 11:18am 11:23am 11:34am
11:33am 11:36am 11:38am 11:43am 11:54am
11:53am 11:56am 11:58am 12:03pm 12:14pm
12:13pm 12:16pm 12:18pm 12:23pm 12:34pm
12:33pm 12:36pm 12:38pm 12:43pm 12:54pm
12:53pm 12:56pm 12:58pm 1:03pm 1:14pm
1:13pm 1:16pm 1:18pm 1:23pm 1:34pm
1:33pm 1:36pm 1:38pm 1:43pm 1:54pm
1:53pm 1:56pm 1:58pm 2:03pm 2:14pm
2:13pm 2:16pm 2:18pm 2:23pm 2:34pm
2:33pm 2:36pm 2:38pm 2:43pm 2:54pm
2:53pm 2:56pm 2:58pm 3:03pm 3:14pm
3:13pm 3:16pm 3:18pm 3:23pm 3:34pm
3:33pm 3:36pm 3:38pm 3:43pm 3:54pm
3:53pm 3:56pm 3:58pm 4:03pm 4:14pm
4:12pm 4:15pm 4:18pm 4:23pm 4:34pm
4:32pm 4:35pm 4:38pm 4:43pm 4:54pm
4:52pm 4:55pm 4:58pm 5:03pm 5:14pm
5:12pm 5:15pm 5:18pm 5:23pm 5:34pm
5:33pm 5:36pm 5:38pm 5:43pm 5:54pm
5:53pm 5:56pm 5:58pm 6:03pm 6:14pm
6:23pm 6:26pm 6:28pm 6:33pm 6:43pm
6:53pm 6:56pm 6:58pm 7:03pm 7:12pm
7:21pm 7:24pm 7:26pm 7:31pm 7:40pm
7:51pm 7:54pm 7:56pm 8:01pm 8:10pm
8:21pm 8:24pm 8:26pm 8:31pm 8:40pm
8:51pm 8:54pm 8:56pm 9:01pm 9:10pm
9:23pm 9:26pm 9:28pm 9:33pm 9:42pm
9:53pm 9:56pm 9:58pm 10:03pm 10:11pm
10:23pm 10:26pm 10:28pm 10:33pm 10:41pm
10:54pm 10:57pm 10:59pm 11:04pm 11:12pm
11:45pm 11:48pm 11:50pm 11:55pm 12:03am
Weekday: RED Southbound
Mall of America Red Line Gate E Cedar Grove Transit Station SB (Online) Cedar Ave at 140 St SW corner (BRT) Cedar Av at 147 St NW corner Apple Valley Transitway Station SB
4:09am 4:18am 4:24am 4:26am 4:29am
5:03am 5:12am 5:18am 5:20am 5:23am
5:31am 5:40am 5:46am 5:48am 5:51am
6:01am 6:10am 6:16am 6:18am 6:21am
6:31am 6:40am 6:46am 6:49am 6:52am
6:48am 6:57am 7:03am 7:06am 7:09am
7:18am 7:27am 7:33am 7:36am 7:39am
7:38am 7:47am 7:53am 7:56am 7:59am
7:58am 8:07am 8:13am 8:15am 8:18am
8:18am 8:27am 8:33am 8:35am 8:38am
8:38am 8:47am 8:53am 8:55am 8:58am
8:58am 9:07am 9:13am 9:15am 9:18am
9:18am 9:27am 9:33am 9:35am 9:38am
9:38am 9:47am 9:53am 9:55am 9:58am
9:58am 10:07am 10:13am 10:15am 10:18am
10:18am 10:27am 10:33am 10:35am 10:38am
10:38am 10:47am 10:53am 10:55am 10:58am
10:58am 11:07am 11:13am 11:15am 11:18am
11:18am 11:27am 11:33am 11:35am 11:38am
11:38am 11:47am 11:53am 11:55am 11:58am
11:58am 12:07pm 12:13pm 12:15pm 12:18pm
12:18pm 12:27pm 12:33pm 12:35pm 12:38pm
12:38pm 12:47pm 12:53pm 12:55pm 12:58pm
12:58pm 1:07pm 1:13pm 1:15pm 1:18pm
1:18pm 1:27pm 1:33pm 1:35pm 1:38pm
1:38pm 1:47pm 1:53pm 1:55pm 1:58pm
1:58pm 2:07pm 2:13pm 2:15pm 2:18pm
2:18pm 2:27pm 2:33pm 2:35pm 2:38pm
2:38pm 2:47pm 2:53pm 2:55pm 2:58pm
2:58pm 3:07pm 3:13pm 3:15pm 3:18pm
3:18pm 3:27pm 3:33pm 3:35pm 3:38pm
3:38pm 3:47pm 3:53pm 3:55pm 3:58pm
3:58pm 4:07pm 4:13pm 4:16pm 4:19pm
4:18pm 4:27pm 4:33pm 4:36pm 4:39pm
4:38pm 4:47pm 4:53pm 4:56pm 4:59pm
4:58pm 5:07pm 5:13pm 5:16pm 5:19pm
5:18pm 5:27pm 5:33pm 5:35pm 5:38pm
5:38pm 5:47pm 5:53pm 5:55pm 5:58pm
5:58pm 6:07pm 6:13pm 6:15pm 6:18pm
6:20pm 6:28pm 6:33pm 6:35pm 6:38pm
6:50pm 6:58pm 7:03pm 7:05pm 7:08pm
7:20pm 7:28pm 7:33pm 7:35pm 7:38pm
7:55pm 8:03pm 8:08pm 8:10pm 8:13pm
8:25pm 8:33pm 8:38pm 8:40pm 8:43pm
8:55pm 9:03pm 9:08pm 9:10pm 9:13pm
9:25pm 9:33pm 9:38pm 9:40pm 9:43pm
9:55pm 10:03pm 10:08pm 10:10pm 10:13pm
10:25pm 10:33pm 10:38pm 10:40pm 10:43pm
11:00pm 11:08pm 11:13pm 11:15pm 11:18pm
11:32pm 11:40pm 11:45pm 11:47pm 11:50pm
12:12am 12:20am 12:25am 12:27am 12:30am