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'Ride Out The Summer' Promotion Begins August 1!

The “Ride Out the Summer” promotion allows up to three children (age 12 and under) to ride free with each paid fare on Saturdays and Sundays throughout August on all Metro Transit and MVTA routes.


This promotion does not include State Fair bus service.


For more information, please visit

Burnsville Transit Station: Lot B to close Friday, July 31 at 7pm

Lots A and B (the two lots closest to Nicollet Avenue) will be repaved and striped beginning Friday, July 31st and work will continue through the weekend.


Any vehicles remaining in the lot will be towed by Elite Towing (952-496-3186)

The parking lots are expected to be re-opened and available for parking on Monday morning, August 3rd.

Thank you for your patience during this work!

Metro Red Line, MVTA Routes Change Aug. 22

Select MVTA schedules change on August 22. New schedules should be on buses the week of August 17. Riders can also call MVTA at 952-882-7500 to have schedules mailed to them.

Here is a summary of the route changes:


• Trip is non-stop between Burnsville Transit Station and County Road 5.

Trips added:
• Northbound (from BTS) 6:15, 8:45, 9:37, 10:36, 11:36 am and 12:36 pm
• Southbound (from Oak/4th) 10:37, 11:37 am and 12:37, 4:14, 5:29, 5:59, 6:29 and 7:37 pm
• Running time has been adjusted to reflect travel conditions.
• Timepoints at 2nd/10th, Anderson Hall, Oak/Washington and Ridder are updated to 4:36, 4:49, 4:59 and 5:02 pm

• 4:02 pm SB Route 472 trip from Gateway moved to 3:48 pm departure

• Route 475 Northbound Trip from AVTS added at 8:23 am

• 10 minutes added to travel time of 4:26 pm Southbound Trip from Gateway Ramp between Lake Street and AVTS

• Two stops removed in St. Paul (6th/Wacouta & Sibley and 5th/Jackson & Sibley)
• Stop added at 6th/Wall

• Two stops removed in St. Paul (6th/Wacouta & Sibley and 5th/Jackson & Sibley)
• Stop added at 6th/Wall
• 3:53 trip adjusted to depart Boulder Lakes at 3:48 pm

Remove 4th Ave @ 3rd Street stop on SB trips

• Northbound trips after 6 am depart 10 minutes earlier at 6:30, 6:55 and 7:20 am
• 10 minutes running time added to most trips; see updated Pocket Schedule for details

METRO Red Line Weekday
• Northbound Trips (AVTS) removed at 5:18 and 5:48 am and 6:34 pm
• Northbound Trips (AVTS) added at 3:45 and 4:35 am
• Southbound Trips (MOA) removed at 5:16, 5:46, 6:16 am and 6:31 pm
• Southbound Trip (MOA) added at 5:03 am
• Southbound Trips will depart MOA two minutes later from 5:19 pm until 10:49 pm (see pocket schedule)
• Running time adjustments to trips throughout the day; see updated Pocket Schedule for details
• 28th Avenue stop is temporary until transit improvements are complete

METRO Red Line Weekend
• Northbound Trips (AVTS) added at 3:45, 4:45 and 5:35 am
• Southbound Trip (MOA) added at 6:12 am

MVTA Launches Mobile App Ride MVTA

The Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) has launched its own mobile application – Ride MVTA - available for free in both the Apple store and on Google Play.  The mobile app provides the same functionality available on but optimizes the design for mobile use.

            “The development of Ride MVTA is the third phase of introducing a new website,” said MVTA Vice Chair and Scott County Commissioner Jon Ulrich, who has long been advocating that MVTA create a mobile application. “The new site was launched Jan. 1 of this year and since then we have added a community forum and photos feature and now the mobile application.”  He added, “We invite the public to check out these tools as a means to keep current about transit information, and we welcome input.”

            In addition to viewing the full site, riders using Ride MVTA can view routes/schedules, use the trip planner, sign up for and check Route Alerts, send comments to the MVTA, set “favorite” bus stops, send photos to the MVTA and participate in community discussions.  “We have worked hard to establish a clean look to our app,” said Robin Selvig, MVTA Customer Relations Manager.  “Transit riders have gained a great deal of sophistication in using smart phones and we hope this tool will make access to transit information easier,” she said.

Burnsville Transit Station Construction Continues

Construction at Burnsville Transit Station is proceeding per schedule and lot should be fully re-opened before State Fair.