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420 - Rosemount Apple Valley Flex

Stop Information

Route Subscription

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420 Eastbound
Apple Valley Transitway Station SB
147 St at Diamond Path SW corner
Rosemount Transit Station (Burnley Av NS 145th St)
5:43am ~ 6:04am
6:43am ~ 7:04am
7:43am 7:58am 8:08am
8:43am 8:58am 9:08am
9:43am 9:58am 10:08am
10:43am 10:58am 11:08am
11:43am 11:58am 12:08pm
12:43pm 12:58pm 1:08pm
1:43pm 1:58pm 2:08pm
2:43pm 2:58pm 3:08pm
3:43pm 4:00pm 4:11pm
4:43pm 5:00pm 5:11pm
5:43pm 6:00pm 6:10pm
6:43pm 6:58pm 7:08pm
7:43pm 7:58pm 8:08pm
8:43pm 8:58pm 9:08pm
420 Westbound
Rosemount Transit Station (Burnley Av NS 145th St)
Diamond Pth at 147 St NW corner
Apple Valley Transitway Station NB
5:25am 5:32am ~
6:25am 6:32am 6:50am
7:25am 7:32am 7:50am
8:25am 8:32am 8:50am
9:25am 9:32am 9:50am
10:25am 10:32am 10:50am
11:25am 11:32am 11:50am
12:25pm 12:32pm ~
1:25pm 1:32pm 1:50pm
2:25pm 2:32pm 2:50pm
3:25pm 3:32pm 3:50pm
4:29pm ~ 4:50pm
5:29pm ~ 5:50pm
6:29pm ~ 6:50pm
7:25pm 7:32pm 7:50pm