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442 - Local Route

Stop Information

Route Subscription

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442 Eastbound
Burnsville Center at Sears Automotive
Nicollet Blvd at Fairview Ridges Hosp. SW corner
Garden View Dr at Co Rd 42 NW corner
Apple Valley Transitway Station SB
~ 4:52am 5:00am 5:13am
~ 5:22am 5:30am 5:43am
~ 5:52am 6:00am 6:13am
~ 6:22am 6:30am 6:43am
6:47am 6:52am 7:00am 7:13am
7:17am 7:22am 7:30am 7:43am
7:47am 7:52am 8:00am 8:13am
8:17am 8:22am 8:30am 8:43am
8:47am 8:52am 9:00am 9:13am
9:17am 9:22am 9:30am 9:43am
10:17am 10:22am 10:30am 10:43am
11:17am 11:22am 11:30am 11:43am
12:17pm 12:22pm 12:30pm 12:43pm
1:17pm 1:22pm 1:30pm 1:43pm
2:17pm 2:22pm 2:30pm 2:43pm
2:47pm 2:52pm 3:00pm 3:13pm
3:17pm 3:22pm 3:30pm 3:43pm
3:47pm 3:52pm 4:00pm 4:13pm
4:17pm 4:22pm 4:30pm 4:43pm
4:47pm 4:52pm 5:00pm 5:13pm
5:17pm 5:22pm 5:30pm 5:43pm
5:47pm 5:52pm 6:00pm 6:13pm
6:17pm 6:22pm 6:30pm 6:43pm
6:47pm 6:52pm 7:00pm 7:13pm
7:17pm 7:22pm 7:30pm 7:43pm
8:17pm 8:22pm 8:30pm 8:43pm
9:17pm 9:22pm 9:30pm 9:43pm
10:17pm 10:22pm 10:30pm 10:43pm
442 Westbound
Apple Valley Transitway Station NB
Garden View Dr at Co Rd 42 SE corner
Nicollet Blvd at Fairview Ridges Hosp N corner
Burnsville Center at Sears Automotive
6:20am 6:30am 6:39am 6:46am
6:50am 7:00am 7:09am 7:16am
7:20am 7:30am 7:39am 7:46am
7:50am 8:00am 8:09am 8:16am
8:20am 8:30am 8:39am 8:46am
8:50am 9:00am 9:09am 9:16am
9:20am 9:30am 9:39am 9:46am
9:50am 10:00am 10:09am 10:16am
10:50am 11:00am 11:09am 11:16am
11:50am 12:00pm 12:09pm 12:16pm
12:50pm 1:00pm 1:09pm 1:16pm
1:50pm 2:00pm 2:09pm 2:16pm
2:50pm 3:00pm 3:09pm 3:16pm
3:20pm 3:30pm 3:39pm 3:46pm
3:50pm 4:00pm 4:09pm 4:16pm
4:20pm 4:30pm 4:39pm 4:46pm
4:50pm 5:00pm 5:09pm 5:16pm
5:20pm 5:30pm 5:39pm 5:46pm
5:50pm 6:00pm 6:09pm 6:16pm
6:20pm 6:30pm 6:39pm 6:46pm
6:50pm 7:00pm 7:09pm 7:16pm
7:20pm 7:30pm 7:39pm 7:46pm
7:50pm 8:00pm 8:09pm 8:16pm
8:50pm 9:00pm 9:09pm 9:16pm
9:50pm 10:00pm 10:09pm 10:16pm
10:50pm 11:00pm 11:09pm 11:16pm
11:40pm 11:50pm 11:59pm 12:06am