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489 - Reverse Commute

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490 Northbound
Co Rd 21 (Eagle Creek) at Main Av NE corner Dakotah Parkway (Mystic Lake Employee Entrance) Eagle Creek Park & Ride Southbridge Crossings Park & Ride 12 St S at Hennepin Av SE corner 2 Av S at 11 St S SE corner 2 Av S at 7 St S SE corner 2 Av S at Washington Av S SE corner Gateway Ramp
5:37am ~ ~ 5:53am 6:19am 6:23am 6:25am 6:28am 6:30am
5:44am 5:53am 6:07am 6:17am 6:42am 6:46am 6:48am 6:51am 6:53am
6:07am ~ 6:20am 6:30am 7:00am 7:05am 7:07am 7:10am 7:12am
6:25am ~ 6:38am 6:48am 7:19am 7:24am 7:26am 7:29am 7:31am
6:37am ~ 6:50am 7:00am 7:36am 7:41am 7:43am 7:46am 7:48am
6:48am ~ 7:01am 7:11am 7:48am 7:53am 7:55am 7:58am 8:00am
~ 6:57am 7:12am 7:22am 7:58am 8:03am 8:05am 8:08am 8:10am
7:13am ~ 7:26am 7:36am 8:15am 8:20am 8:22am 8:25am 8:27am
~ ~ ~ 7:50am 8:24am 8:29am 8:31am 8:34am 8:36am
~ ~ ~ 8:10am 8:43am 8:48am 8:50am 8:53am 8:55am
490 Southbound
Gateway Ramp Marquette Av S at 4 St S SW corner Marquette Av S at 8 St SW corner 11 St S at Harmon Pl SE corner Southbridge Crossings Park & Ride Eagle Creek Park & Ride Dakotah Parkway (Mystic Lake Employee Entrance) Co Rd 21 (Eagle Creek) at Main Av SW corner
12:45pm 12:51pm 12:53pm 12:56pm 1:29pm 1:35pm 1:45pm 1:52pm
3:10pm 3:17pm 3:19pm 3:23pm 3:56pm ~ ~ ~
3:35pm 3:42pm 3:44pm 3:48pm 4:23pm 4:29pm ~ 4:37pm
3:58pm 4:06pm 4:08pm 4:12pm 4:52pm ~ ~ ~
4:06pm 4:14pm 4:16pm 4:20pm 5:01pm 5:08pm ~ 5:16pm
4:24pm 4:32pm 4:34pm 4:38pm 5:16pm 5:23pm ~ 5:31pm
4:38pm 4:46pm 4:48pm 4:53pm 5:41pm 5:48pm ~ 5:56pm
4:55pm 5:03pm 5:05pm 5:10pm 5:58pm 6:05pm ~ 6:13pm
5:10pm 5:18pm 5:20pm 5:25pm 6:10pm ~ ~ ~
5:39pm 5:46pm 5:48pm 5:51pm 6:25pm 6:32pm ~ 6:40pm
6:20pm 6:27pm 6:31pm 6:32pm 7:10pm 7:16pm ~ 7:24pm