Office Procurement

Procurement Opportunities

Per Minnesota State Statute 331A.03, subd. 3, the dissemination of the solicitations of bids, requests for information and requests for proposal by online publication, Minnesota Valley Transit Authority will disseminate through the website beginning on February 1, 2019, at


MVTA is pleased to announce our partnership with Quest CDN for advertisement of request for proposals, request for bids, and construction projects. Quest CDN is a web-based initiative that will provide procurement project advertisements, project plan documents, project addendums, and project results in a more cost-effective way.


Below are a few benefits of Quest CDN:

  • Procurement opportunities will be available electronically and downloadable (via PDF format) for a minimal fee.
  • When an addenda is issued, planholders will receive an email notifying them to return to Quest CDN to download the document.
  • A planholder list is available through Quest CDN.

If you are having trouble downloading project documents, finding a planholder list, etc. – please contact Quest CDN directly at (952) 233-1632 or