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420 - Rosemount - Apple Valley

Route 420 is an east-west local route that provides 7-day-a-week service between Apple Valley and the Rosemount Transit Station. The route runs hourly. Food, entertainment, shopping, and recreation options include Chick-Fil-A, Fairview Pharmacy--Apple Valley, Sam's Club, Valley Diner, Mainstream Boutique, Panino Brothers, CVS, Noodles and Company. Jimmy Johns, iHop, Lucid Hearing Center, Delaney Park, 360 Communities Rosemount, American Legion Rosemount, and many others. 

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MVTA Trip Planner

Monday, Jun 27th, 2022

Weekday: 420 Eastbound
Apple Valley Transitway Station NB
147 St at Diamond Path SW corner
Rosemount Transit Station (Burnley Av NS 145th St)
5:39am 5:54am 6:04am
6:39am 6:54am 7:04am
7:39am 7:54am 8:04am
8:39am 8:54am 9:04am
9:39am 9:54am 10:04am
10:39am 10:54am 11:04am
11:39am 11:54am 12:04pm
12:39pm 12:54pm 1:04pm
1:39pm 1:54pm 2:04pm
2:40pm 2:55pm 3:05pm
3:39pm 3:56pm 4:07pm
4:39pm 4:56pm 5:07pm
5:38pm 5:55pm 6:06pm
6:39pm 6:54pm 7:04pm
7:39pm 7:54pm 8:04pm
8:46pm 9:01pm 9:11pm
Weekday: 420 Westbound
Rosemount Transit Station (Burnley Av NS 145th St)
Diamond Pth at 147 St NW corner
Apple Valley Transitway Station NB
5:18am 5:25am 5:38am
6:18am 6:25am 6:38am
7:18am 7:25am 7:38am
8:18am 8:25am 8:38am
9:18am 9:25am 9:38am
10:18am 10:25am 10:38am
11:18am 11:25am 11:38am
12:18pm 12:25pm 12:38pm
1:18pm 1:25pm 1:38pm
2:18pm 2:25pm 2:38pm
3:18pm 3:25pm 3:38pm
4:18pm 4:25pm 4:38pm
5:18pm 5:25pm 5:38pm
6:18pm 6:25pm 6:38pm
7:18pm 7:25pm 7:38pm