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436 - Reverse Commute

436 is a North-South Monday to Friday reverse commute route traveling between the Omni Hotel and the 46th Street Light Rail Station with special service to Thomson Reuters and Ecolab.

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MVTA Trip Planner

Thursday, Jun 8th, 2023

Weekday: 436 Northbound
Thomson Reuters Main Entrance
Nordic Way at Omni Hotel W corner
Vikings Pkwy at Dodd Rd NE corner
Mendota Heights Rd at Pilot Knob Rd NE c
46 St LRT at Gate J
~ 7:53am 7:58am 8:06am 8:19am
~ 8:53am 8:58am 9:06am 9:19am
~ 9:53am 9:58am 10:06am 10:19am
~ 10:53am 10:58am 11:06am 11:19am
~ 11:53am 11:58am 12:06pm 12:19pm
~ 12:53pm 12:58pm 1:06pm 1:19pm
~ 1:53pm 1:58pm 2:06pm 2:19pm
~ 2:53pm 2:58pm 3:06pm 3:19pm
~ 3:10pm 3:15pm 3:23pm 3:36pm
3:40pm ~ 3:49pm 3:57pm 4:10pm
~ 4:05pm 4:10pm 4:18pm 4:31pm
4:10pm ~ 4:19pm 4:27pm 4:40pm
~ 4:53pm 4:58pm 5:06pm 5:19pm
5:20pm ~ 5:29pm 5:37pm 5:50pm
~ 5:53pm 5:58pm 6:06pm 6:19pm
6:13pm ~ 6:22pm 6:30pm 6:43pm
~ 6:53pm 6:58pm 7:06pm 7:19pm
~ 7:53pm 7:58pm 8:06pm 8:19pm
~ 8:53pm 8:58pm 9:06pm 9:19pm
Weekday: 436 Southbound
46 St LRT at Gate J
Mendota Heights Rd at Pilot Knob Rd SE c
Vikings Pkwy at Dodd Rd SE corner
Nordic Way at Omni Hotel W corner
Thomson Reuters Main Entrance
5:50am 6:03am 6:11am ~ 6:20am
6:20am 6:33am 6:41am ~ 6:50am
6:40am 6:53am 7:01am 7:06am ~
6:55am 7:08am 7:16am ~ 7:25am
7:25am 7:38am 7:46am 7:51am ~
7:42am 7:55am 8:03am ~ 8:12am
8:25am 8:38am 8:46am 8:51am ~
9:25am 9:38am 9:46am 9:51am ~
10:25am 10:38am 10:46am 10:51am ~
11:25am 11:38am 11:46am 11:51am ~
12:25pm 12:38pm 12:46pm 12:51pm ~
1:25pm 1:38pm 1:46pm 1:51pm ~
2:25pm 2:38pm 2:46pm 2:51pm ~
3:25pm 3:38pm 3:46pm 3:51pm ~
4:25pm 4:38pm 4:46pm 4:51pm ~
5:25pm 5:38pm 5:46pm 5:51pm ~
6:25pm 6:38pm 6:46pm 6:51pm ~
7:25pm 7:38pm 7:46pm 7:51pm ~