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442 - Local Route

Route 442 is a local route serving Burnsville, Apple Valley, and Eagan with connections to routes 420, 444, 445, 447, 475, 480, and the Orange LINK. This route operates hourly 7 days a week. Ride the 442 for dining options including Shogun, Chipotle, Chinese Gourmet, Saigon Palace, Los Grandes Mexican, Jensen’s Café, Arise Nicolette Coffee Company, and Hazelwood Food and Drink. Shopping opportunities include Twin Cities Premium Outlets, Walgreens, Target, Barnes and Noble, Burnsville Marketplace, TJ Maxx and Cub Foods.


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MVTA Trip Planner

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

Weekday: 442 Southbound
Mall of America Transit Station Gate F Cedar Grove Transit Station Apple Valley Transitway Station SB Garden View Dr at Co Rd 42 SE corner Nicollet Blvd at Fairview Ridges Hosp N corner Burnsville Center at SE Entrance
6:06am 6:16am 6:33am 6:41am 6:51am 7:00am
7:09am 7:19am 7:36am 7:44am 7:54am 8:03am
8:09am 8:19am 8:36am 8:44am 8:54am 9:03am
9:09am 9:19am 9:36am 9:44am 9:54am 10:03am
10:06am 10:16am 10:33am 10:41am 10:51am 11:00am
11:06am 11:16am 11:33am 11:41am 11:51am 12:00pm
12:09pm 12:19pm 12:36pm 12:44pm 12:54pm 1:03pm
1:09pm 1:19pm 1:36pm 1:44pm 1:54pm 2:03pm
2:06pm 2:16pm 2:33pm 2:41pm 2:51pm 3:00pm
3:06pm 3:16pm 3:33pm 3:41pm 3:51pm 4:00pm
4:09pm 4:19pm 4:36pm 4:44pm 4:54pm 5:03pm
5:09pm 5:19pm 5:36pm 5:44pm 5:54pm 6:03pm
6:04pm 6:14pm 6:31pm 6:39pm 6:49pm 6:58pm
7:04pm 7:14pm 7:31pm 7:39pm 7:49pm 7:58pm
8:09pm 8:19pm 8:36pm 8:44pm 8:54pm 9:03pm
9:09pm 9:19pm 9:36pm 9:44pm 9:54pm 10:03pm
10:09pm 10:19pm 10:36pm 10:44pm 10:54pm 11:03pm
11:14pm 11:24pm 11:41pm 11:49pm 11:59pm 12:08am
Weekday: 442 Northbound
Burnsville Center at SE Entrance Nicollet Blvd at Fairview Ridges Hosp. SW corner Garden View Dr at Co Rd 42 NW corner Apple Valley Transitway Station NB Pennock Av at Palomino Hills E corner Cedar Grove Transit Station Mall of America Transit Station Gate F
~ 5:13am 5:23am 5:31am 5:40am 5:49am 6:01am
~ 6:10am 6:20am 6:28am 6:37am 6:46am 6:58am
7:00am 7:10am 7:20am 7:28am 7:37am 7:46am 7:58am
8:03am 8:13am 8:23am 8:31am 8:40am 8:49am 9:01am
9:04am 9:14am 9:24am 9:32am 9:41am 9:50am 10:02am
10:04am 10:14am 10:24am 10:32am 10:41am 10:50am 11:02am
11:00am 11:10am 11:20am 11:28am 11:37am 11:46am 11:58am
12:00pm 12:10pm 12:20pm 12:28pm 12:37pm 12:46pm 12:58pm
12:57pm 1:07pm 1:17pm 1:25pm 1:34pm 1:43pm 1:55pm
1:57pm 2:07pm 2:17pm 2:25pm 2:34pm 2:43pm 2:55pm
3:00pm 3:10pm 3:20pm 3:28pm 3:37pm 3:46pm 3:58pm
4:00pm 4:10pm 4:20pm 4:28pm 4:37pm 4:46pm 4:58pm
5:04pm 5:14pm 5:24pm 5:32pm 5:41pm 5:50pm 6:02pm
6:04pm 6:14pm 6:24pm 6:32pm 6:41pm 6:50pm 7:02pm
6:58pm 7:08pm 7:18pm 7:26pm 7:35pm 7:44pm 7:56pm
7:58pm 8:08pm 8:18pm 8:26pm 8:35pm 8:44pm 8:56pm
9:00pm 9:10pm 9:20pm 9:28pm 9:37pm 9:46pm 9:58pm
10:03pm 10:13pm 10:23pm 10:31pm 10:40pm 10:49pm 11:01pm