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444 Local Route

Route 444 is a North-South 7-day-a-week local route traveling between Savage and the Mall of America. The route runs approximately every 30 minutes  Dining, entertainment, shopping, and recreation options include McDonalds, Auto Zone, Sonic, Taco Johns, El Parian Mexican Restaurant, Rose Park, India Palace Grill, Tires Plus, Burnsville Shopping Center, Costco, Burnhill Plaza Shopping Mall, Cub Foods, Kwik Trip, Vista View Park, Minnesota Electrolysis,  Jensens Cafe, CVS, Red Lion Liquors, and many more. 

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MVTA Trip Planner

Saturday, Sep 23rd, 2023

Weekday: 444 Northbound
Savage Park & Ride
Burnsville Center Mall
Burnsville Pkwy at Co Rd 5 SE corner
Burnsville Transit Station Bay B
Co Rd 11 at Hwy 13 SE corner
Cedar Grove Transit Station
Mall of America Transit Station Gate F
6:39am ~ 6:52am 7:02am 7:11am 7:17am 7:29am
~ 6:59am 7:10am 7:20am 7:28am 7:35am 7:47am
7:39am ~ 7:52am 8:02am 8:11am 8:17am 8:29am
~ 7:59am 8:10am 8:20am 8:28am 8:35am 8:47am
8:39am ~ 8:52am 9:02am 9:11am 9:17am 9:29am
~ 8:59am 9:10am 9:20am 9:28am 9:35am 9:47am
9:39am ~ 9:52am 10:02am 10:11am 10:17am 10:29am
~ 9:59am 10:10am 10:20am 10:28am 10:35am 10:47am
10:34am ~ 10:47am 10:57am 11:06am 11:12am 11:24am
~ 10:59am 11:10am 11:20am 11:28am 11:35am 11:47am
11:39am ~ 11:52am 12:02pm 12:11pm 12:17pm 12:29pm
~ 11:59am 12:10pm 12:20pm 12:28pm 12:35pm 12:47pm
12:34pm ~ 12:47pm 12:57pm 1:06pm 1:12pm 1:24pm
~ 12:59pm 1:10pm 1:20pm 1:28pm 1:35pm 1:47pm
1:39pm ~ 1:52pm 2:02pm 2:11pm 2:17pm 2:29pm
~ 1:59pm 2:10pm 2:20pm 2:28pm 2:35pm 2:47pm
2:34pm ~ 2:47pm 2:57pm 3:06pm 3:12pm 3:24pm
~ 2:59pm 3:10pm 3:20pm 3:28pm 3:35pm 3:47pm
3:39pm ~ 3:52pm 4:02pm 4:11pm 4:17pm 4:29pm
~ 3:59pm 4:10pm 4:20pm 4:28pm 4:35pm 4:47pm
4:34pm ~ 4:47pm 4:57pm 5:06pm 5:12pm 5:24pm
~ 4:59pm 5:10pm 5:20pm 5:28pm 5:35pm 5:47pm
5:39pm ~ 5:52pm 6:02pm 6:11pm 6:17pm 6:29pm
~ 5:59pm 6:10pm 6:20pm 6:28pm 6:35pm 6:47pm
6:34pm ~ 6:47pm 6:57pm 7:06pm 7:12pm 7:24pm
~ 6:59pm 7:10pm 7:20pm 7:28pm 7:35pm 7:47pm
7:39pm ~ 7:52pm 8:02pm 8:11pm 8:17pm 8:29pm
~ 7:59pm 8:10pm 8:20pm 8:28pm 8:35pm 8:47pm
8:34pm ~ 8:47pm 8:57pm 9:06pm 9:12pm 9:24pm
~ 8:59pm 9:10pm 9:20pm 9:28pm 9:35pm 9:47pm
Weekday: 444 Southbound
Mall of America Transit Station Gate F
Cedar Grove Transit Station
Co Rd 11 at Hwy 13 SW corner
Burnsville Transit Station Bay B
Co Rd 5 at Burnsville Pkwy SW corner
Burnsville Center Mall
Savage Park & Ride
7:42am 7:52am 7:58am 8:09am 8:16am ~ 8:29am
8:12am 8:22am 8:29am 8:39am 8:46am 8:58am ~
8:42am 8:52am 8:58am 9:09am 9:16am ~ 9:29am
9:12am 9:22am 9:29am 9:39am 9:46am 9:58am ~
9:42am 9:52am 9:58am 10:09am 10:16am ~ 10:29am
10:12am 10:22am 10:29am 10:39am 10:46am 10:58am ~
10:42am 10:52am 10:58am 11:09am 11:16am ~ 11:29am
11:12am 11:22am 11:29am 11:39am 11:46am 11:58am ~
11:42am 11:52am 11:58am 12:09pm 12:16pm ~ 12:29pm
12:12pm 12:22pm 12:29pm 12:39pm 12:46pm 12:58pm ~
12:42pm 12:52pm 12:58pm 1:09pm 1:16pm ~ 1:29pm
1:12pm 1:22pm 1:29pm 1:39pm 1:46pm 1:58pm ~
1:42pm 1:52pm 1:58pm 2:09pm 2:16pm ~ 2:29pm
2:12pm 2:22pm 2:29pm 2:39pm 2:46pm 2:58pm ~
2:42pm 2:52pm 2:58pm 3:09pm 3:16pm ~ 3:29pm
3:12pm 3:22pm 3:29pm 3:39pm 3:46pm 3:58pm ~
3:42pm 3:52pm 3:58pm 4:09pm 4:16pm ~ 4:29pm
4:12pm 4:22pm 4:29pm 4:39pm 4:46pm 4:58pm ~
4:42pm 4:52pm 4:58pm 5:09pm 5:16pm ~ 5:29pm
5:12pm 5:22pm 5:29pm 5:39pm 5:46pm 5:58pm ~
5:42pm 5:52pm 5:58pm 6:09pm 6:16pm ~ 6:29pm
6:12pm 6:22pm 6:29pm 6:39pm 6:46pm 6:58pm ~
6:42pm 6:52pm 6:58pm 7:09pm 7:16pm ~ 7:29pm
7:12pm 7:22pm 7:29pm 7:39pm 7:46pm 7:58pm ~
7:42pm 7:52pm 7:58pm 8:09pm 8:16pm ~ 8:29pm
8:12pm 8:22pm 8:29pm 8:39pm 8:46pm 8:58pm ~
8:42pm 8:52pm 8:58pm 9:09pm 9:16pm ~ 9:29pm
9:12pm 9:22pm 9:29pm 9:39pm 9:46pm 9:58pm ~
9:42pm 9:52pm 9:58pm 10:09pm 10:16pm ~ 10:29pm