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445 - Local Route

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Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Weekday: 445 Westbound
Opperman Dr at Eagan YMCA N corner
Denmark Av at Town Center Dr SW corner
Eagan Transit Station
Donald Ave at Yankee Doodle Rd NW corner
Silver Bell Rd at Blackhawk Rd NW corner
Cedar Grove Transit Station
5:57am 6:09am 6:21am 6:26am 6:30am 6:36am
6:27am 6:39am 6:51am 6:56am 7:00am 7:06am
6:57am 7:09am 7:21am 7:26am 7:30am 7:36am
~ ~ 7:51am 7:56am 8:00am 8:06am
7:59am 8:11am 8:23am 8:28am 8:32am 8:38am
8:59am 9:11am 9:23am 9:28am 9:32am 9:38am
9:59am 10:11am 10:23am 10:28am 10:32am 10:38am
10:59am 11:11am 11:23am 11:28am 11:32am 11:38am
11:59am 12:11pm 12:23pm 12:28pm 12:32pm 12:38pm
12:59pm 1:11pm 1:23pm 1:28pm 1:32pm 1:38pm
1:59pm 2:11pm 2:23pm 2:28pm 2:32pm 2:38pm
3:03pm 3:15pm 3:27pm 3:32pm 3:36pm 3:42pm
4:03pm 4:15pm 4:27pm 4:32pm 4:36pm 4:42pm
4:59pm 5:11pm 5:23pm 5:28pm 5:32pm 5:38pm
5:59pm 6:11pm 6:23pm 6:28pm 6:32pm 6:38pm
6:59pm 7:11pm 7:23pm 7:28pm 7:32pm 7:38pm
7:53pm 8:05pm 8:17pm 8:22pm 8:26pm 8:32pm
8:53pm 9:05pm 9:17pm 9:22pm 9:26pm 9:32pm
Weekday: 445 Eastbound
Cedar Grove Transit Station
Blackhawk Rd at Silver Bell Rd NE corner
Donald Ave at Yankee Doodle Rd NE corner
Eagan Transit Station
Town Center Dr at Denmark Ave SE corner
Thomson Reuters Main Entrance
Opperman Dr at Eagan YMCA N corner
6:36am 6:42am 6:46am 6:55am ~ ~ ~
7:23am 7:29am 7:33am 7:42am 7:47am 7:55am 7:58am
7:50am 7:56am 8:00am 8:09am ~ ~ ~
8:23am 8:29am 8:33am 8:42am 8:47am 8:55am 8:58am
9:23am 9:29am 9:33am 9:42am 9:47am 9:55am 9:58am
10:23am 10:29am 10:33am 10:42am 10:47am 10:55am 10:58am
11:23am 11:29am 11:33am 11:42am 11:47am 11:55am 11:58am
12:23pm 12:29pm 12:33pm 12:42pm 12:47pm 12:55pm 12:58pm
1:23pm 1:29pm 1:33pm 1:42pm 1:47pm 1:55pm 1:58pm
2:23pm 2:29pm 2:33pm 2:42pm 2:47pm 2:55pm 2:58pm
3:23pm 3:29pm 3:33pm 3:42pm 3:47pm 3:55pm 3:58pm
3:53pm 3:59pm 4:03pm 4:12pm ~ ~ ~
4:23pm 4:29pm 4:33pm 4:42pm 4:47pm 4:55pm 4:58pm
4:53pm 4:59pm 5:03pm 5:12pm 5:17pm 5:25pm 5:28pm
5:23pm 5:29pm 5:33pm 5:42pm 5:47pm 5:55pm 5:58pm
5:53pm 5:59pm 6:03pm 6:12pm 6:17pm 6:25pm 6:28pm
6:23pm 6:29pm 6:33pm 6:42pm 6:47pm 6:55pm 6:58pm
7:17pm 7:23pm 7:27pm 7:36pm 7:41pm 7:49pm 7:52pm
8:17pm 8:23pm 8:27pm 8:36pm 8:41pm 8:49pm 8:52pm
9:17pm 9:23pm 9:27pm 9:36pm 9:41pm 9:49pm 9:52pm
10:17pm 10:23pm 10:27pm 10:36pm 10:41pm 10:49pm 10:52pm