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446 - Local Route

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Monday, Jun 27th, 2022

Weekday: 446 Northbound
Diffley Rd at Braddock Trl NW Corner
Eagan Transit Station
Lexington Av at Gemini Rd SE corner
Pilot Knob Rd at Mendota Heights Rd SE corner
46 St LRT at Gate J
6:33am 6:48am 7:01am 7:09am 7:22am
7:03am 7:18am 7:31am 7:39am 7:52am
8:03am 8:18am 8:31am 8:39am 8:52am
9:03am 9:18am 9:31am 9:39am 9:52am
10:03am 10:18am 10:31am 10:39am 10:52am
11:03am 11:18am 11:31am 11:39am 11:52am
12:03pm 12:18pm 12:31pm 12:39pm 12:52pm
1:03pm 1:18pm 1:31pm 1:39pm 1:52pm
2:03pm 2:18pm 2:31pm 2:39pm 2:52pm
3:06pm 3:21pm 3:34pm 3:42pm 3:55pm
~ 3:55pm ~ 4:09pm 4:22pm
4:06pm 4:21pm 4:34pm 4:42pm 4:55pm
~ 4:55pm ~ 5:09pm 5:22pm
5:03pm 5:18pm 5:31pm 5:39pm 5:52pm
5:33pm 5:48pm 6:01pm 6:09pm 6:22pm
6:03pm 6:18pm 6:31pm 6:39pm 6:52pm
7:03pm 7:18pm 7:31pm 7:39pm 7:52pm
~ 8:25pm 8:31pm 8:39pm 8:52pm
Weekday: 446 Southbound
46 St LRT at Gate J
Pilot Knob Rd at Mendota Heights Rd SW corner
Lexington Av at Gemini Rd W corner
Eagan Transit Station
Diffley Rd at Braddock Trl NW Corner
6:09am 6:22am 6:30am 6:37am 6:57am
6:39am 6:52am ~ 7:07am ~
7:11am 7:24am 7:32am 7:39am 7:54am
7:39am 7:52am ~ 8:07am ~
8:09am 8:22am 8:30am 8:37am 8:57am
9:09am 9:22am 9:30am 9:37am 9:57am
10:09am 10:22am 10:30am 10:37am 10:57am
11:09am 11:22am 11:30am 11:37am 11:57am
12:09pm 12:22pm 12:30pm 12:37pm 12:57pm
1:09pm 1:22pm 1:30pm 1:37pm 1:57pm
2:09pm 2:22pm 2:30pm 2:37pm 2:57pm
3:09pm 3:22pm 3:30pm 3:37pm 3:57pm
4:09pm 4:22pm 4:30pm 4:37pm 4:57pm
4:39pm 4:52pm 5:00pm 5:07pm 5:27pm
5:09pm 5:22pm 5:30pm 5:37pm 5:57pm
6:09pm 6:22pm 6:30pm 6:37pm 6:57pm
7:09pm 7:22pm 7:30pm 7:37pm 7:57pm
8:03pm 8:16pm 8:24pm 8:31pm ~