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446 - Local Route

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MVTA Trip Planner

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Weekday: 446 Northbound
Diffley Rd at Braddock Trl NW Corner
Eagan Transit Station
Lexington Av at Gemini Rd SE corner
Pilot Knob Rd at Mendota Heights Rd SE c
46 St LRT at Gate J
6:33am 6:55am 7:01am 7:09am 7:22am
7:03am 7:25am 7:31am 7:39am 7:52am
8:03am 8:25am 8:31am 8:39am 8:52am
9:03am 9:25am 9:31am 9:39am 9:52am
10:03am 10:25am 10:31am 10:39am 10:52am
11:03am 11:25am 11:31am 11:39am 11:52am
12:03pm 12:25pm 12:31pm 12:39pm 12:52pm
1:03pm 1:25pm 1:31pm 1:39pm 1:52pm
2:03pm 2:25pm 2:31pm 2:39pm 2:52pm
3:03pm 3:25pm 3:31pm 3:39pm 3:52pm
~ 3:55pm ~ 4:09pm 4:22pm
4:03pm 4:25pm 4:31pm 4:39pm 4:52pm
~ 4:55pm ~ 5:09pm 5:22pm
5:03pm 5:25pm 5:31pm 5:39pm 5:52pm
5:30pm 5:52pm 5:58pm 6:06pm 6:19pm
6:03pm 6:25pm 6:31pm 6:39pm 6:52pm
7:03pm 7:25pm 7:31pm 7:39pm 7:52pm
~ 8:25pm 8:31pm 8:39pm 8:52pm
Weekday: 446 Southbound
46 St LRT at Gate J
Pilot Knob Rd at Mendota Heights Rd SW c
Lexington Av at Gemini Rd W corner
Eagan Transit Station
Diffley Rd at Braddock Trl NW Corner
6:10am 6:23am 6:31am 6:44am 6:58am
6:40am 6:53am ~ 7:08am ~
7:11am 7:24am 7:32am 7:45am 7:59am
7:40am 7:53am ~ 8:08am ~
8:10am 8:23am 8:31am 8:44am 8:58am
9:10am 9:23am 9:31am 9:44am 9:58am
10:10am 10:23am 10:31am 10:44am 10:58am
11:10am 11:23am 11:31am 11:44am 11:58am
12:10pm 12:23pm 12:31pm 12:44pm 12:58pm
1:10pm 1:23pm 1:31pm 1:44pm 1:58pm
2:10pm 2:23pm 2:31pm 2:44pm 2:58pm
3:10pm 3:23pm 3:31pm 3:44pm 3:58pm
4:10pm 4:23pm 4:31pm 4:44pm 4:58pm
4:40pm 4:53pm 5:01pm 5:14pm 5:28pm
5:10pm 5:23pm 5:31pm 5:44pm 5:58pm
6:10pm 6:23pm 6:31pm 6:44pm 6:58pm
7:10pm 7:23pm 7:31pm 7:44pm 7:58pm
8:10pm 8:23pm 8:31pm 8:38pm ~