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447 - Local Route

Route 447 is an east-west local route that provides 7-day-a-week service between Mystic Lake Casino, downtown Prior Lake, Savage Park and Ride, Burnsville Center and Apple Valley Transit Station. The route runs hourly.

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MVTA Trip Planner

Monday, Jun 27th, 2022

Weekday: 447 Eastbound
Mystic Lake Bus Entrance
Co Rd 21 (Eagle Creek) at Arcadia Ave SE corner
Savage Park & Ride
Burnsville Center at SE Entrance
Apple Valley Transitway Station NB
7:28am 7:38am 7:52am 8:03am 8:17am
8:28am 8:38am 8:52am 9:03am 9:17am
9:28am 9:38am 9:52am 10:03am 10:17am
10:28am 10:38am 10:52am 11:03am 11:17am
11:28am 11:38am 11:52am 12:03pm 12:17pm
12:28pm 12:38pm 12:52pm 1:03pm 1:17pm
1:28pm 1:38pm 1:52pm 2:03pm 2:17pm
2:28pm 2:38pm 2:52pm 3:03pm 3:17pm
3:28pm 3:38pm 3:52pm 4:03pm 4:17pm
4:28pm 4:38pm 4:52pm 5:03pm 5:17pm
5:28pm 5:38pm 5:52pm 6:03pm 6:17pm
6:28pm 6:38pm 6:52pm 7:03pm 7:17pm
7:28pm 7:38pm 7:52pm 8:03pm 8:17pm
8:28pm 8:38pm 8:52pm 9:03pm 9:17pm
9:28pm 9:38pm 9:52pm 10:03pm 10:17pm
10:28pm 10:38pm 10:52pm 11:03pm 11:17pm
Weekday: 447 Westbound
Apple Valley Transitway Station SB
Burnsville Center at SE Entrance
Savage Park & Ride
Co Rd 21 (Eagle Creek) at Main Ave NW corner
Mystic Lake Bus Entrance
6:42am 6:56am 7:05am 7:19am 7:27am
7:42am 7:56am 8:05am 8:19am 8:27am
8:42am 8:56am 9:05am 9:19am 9:27am
9:42am 9:56am 10:05am 10:19am 10:27am
10:42am 10:56am 11:05am 11:19am 11:27am
11:42am 11:56am 12:05pm 12:19pm 12:27pm
12:42pm 12:56pm 1:05pm 1:19pm 1:27pm
1:42pm 1:56pm 2:05pm 2:19pm 2:27pm
2:42pm 2:56pm 3:05pm 3:19pm 3:27pm
3:42pm 3:56pm 4:05pm 4:19pm 4:27pm
4:42pm 4:56pm 5:05pm 5:19pm 5:27pm
5:42pm 5:56pm 6:05pm 6:19pm 6:27pm
6:42pm 6:56pm 7:05pm 7:19pm 7:27pm
7:42pm 7:56pm 8:05pm 8:19pm 8:27pm
8:42pm 8:56pm 9:05pm 9:19pm 9:27pm
9:42pm 9:56pm 10:05pm 10:19pm 10:27pm