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497 Shakopee Local Route

Serving Marschall Road Transit Station, Downtown Shakopee, Scott County Courthouse, Community Center and 
Town Square Mall

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Monday, Jun 27th, 2022

Weekday: 497 Eastbound
6 Av W at Town Square Mall (Movie Theater)
Fuller St at Thomas (Shakopee Community Center)
Scott County Government Center at Atwood St NB
Fuller St at 1 Av W NW corner
Marschall Rd at 4 Av NW corner
Marschall Road Transit Station
5:02am 5:08am 5:11am 5:13am 5:17am 5:28am
6:02am 6:08am 6:11am 6:13am 6:17am 6:28am
7:02am 7:08am 7:11am 7:13am 7:17am 7:28am
8:02am 8:08am 8:11am 8:13am 8:17am 8:28am
9:02am 9:08am 9:11am 9:13am 9:17am 9:28am
10:02am 10:08am 10:11am 10:13am 10:17am 10:28am
11:02am 11:08am 11:11am 11:13am 11:17am 11:28am
12:02pm 12:08pm 12:11pm 12:13pm 12:17pm 12:28pm
1:02pm 1:08pm 1:11pm 1:13pm 1:17pm 1:28pm
2:02pm 2:08pm 2:11pm 2:13pm 2:17pm 2:28pm
3:02pm 3:08pm 3:11pm 3:13pm 3:17pm 3:28pm
4:02pm 4:08pm 4:11pm 4:13pm 4:17pm 4:28pm
5:02pm 5:08pm 5:11pm 5:13pm 5:17pm 5:28pm
6:02pm 6:08pm 6:11pm 6:13pm 6:17pm 6:28pm
7:02pm 7:08pm 7:11pm 7:13pm 7:17pm 7:28pm
8:02pm 8:08pm 8:11pm 8:13pm 8:17pm 8:28pm
9:02pm 9:08pm 9:11pm 9:13pm 9:17pm 9:28pm
Weekday: 497 Westbound
Marschall Road Transit Station
Marschall Rd at 4th Av SE corner
Fuller St at 1 Av W NW corner
Scott County Government Center at Atwood St SB
Fuller St at Thomas Av NE Corner
6 Av W at Town Square Mall (Movie Theater)
5:40am 5:45am 5:50am 5:52am 5:55am 6:01am
6:40am 6:45am 6:50am 6:52am 6:55am 7:01am
7:40am 7:45am 7:50am 7:52am 7:55am 8:01am
8:40am 8:45am 8:50am 8:52am 8:55am 9:01am
9:40am 9:45am 9:50am 9:52am 9:55am 10:01am
10:40am 10:45am 10:50am 10:52am 10:55am 11:01am
11:40am 11:45am 11:50am 11:52am 11:55am 12:01pm
12:40pm 12:45pm 12:50pm 12:52pm 12:55pm 1:01pm
1:40pm 1:45pm 1:50pm 1:52pm 1:55pm 2:01pm
2:40pm 2:45pm 2:50pm 2:52pm 2:55pm 3:01pm
3:40pm 3:45pm 3:50pm 3:52pm 3:55pm 4:01pm
4:40pm 4:45pm 4:50pm 4:52pm 4:55pm 5:01pm
5:40pm 5:45pm 5:50pm 5:52pm 5:55pm 6:01pm
6:40pm 6:45pm 6:50pm 6:52pm 6:55pm 7:01pm
7:40pm 7:45pm 7:50pm 7:52pm 7:55pm 8:01pm
8:40pm 8:45pm 8:50pm 8:52pm 8:55pm 9:01pm