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Orange LINK - Local Route

Orange LINK is a MVTA’s newest route, providing fast and convenient service in Burnsville with timely connections to the new METRO Orange Line in Heart of the City. Orange LINK will operate every 30 minutes from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. Ride the Orange LINK route to popular destinations, including Burnsville Transit Station, Burnsville Center, Fairview Ridges Hospital, and Burnsville City Hall. Transfer to the Orange LINK from METRO Orange Line or many of MVTA’s routes at various locations along the route. 

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MVTA Trip Planner

Monday, Jun 27th, 2022

Weekday: Orange LINK Southbound
Burnsville Transit Station
Heart of the City Station (Orange Line)
Nicollet Blvd at Fairview Ridges Hosp N corner
Burnsville Center at SE Entrance
Burnhaven Dr at The Gramercy SE corner
6:02am 6:06am 6:14am 6:23am 6:28am
6:32am 6:36am 6:44am 6:53am 6:58am
7:02am 7:06am 7:14am 7:23am 7:28am
7:35am 7:39am 7:47am 7:56am 8:01am
8:05am 8:09am 8:17am 8:26am 8:31am
8:35am 8:39am 8:47am 8:56am 9:01am
9:05am 9:09am 9:17am 9:26am 9:31am
9:35am 9:39am 9:47am 9:56am 10:01am
10:05am 10:09am 10:17am 10:26am 10:31am
10:35am 10:39am 10:47am 10:56am 11:01am
11:05am 11:09am 11:17am 11:26am 11:31am
11:35am 11:39am 11:47am 11:56am 12:01pm
12:05pm 12:09pm 12:17pm 12:26pm 12:31pm
12:35pm 12:39pm 12:47pm 12:56pm 1:01pm
1:05pm 1:09pm 1:17pm 1:26pm 1:31pm
1:35pm 1:39pm 1:47pm 1:56pm 2:01pm
2:05pm 2:09pm 2:17pm 2:26pm 2:31pm
2:35pm 2:39pm 2:47pm 2:56pm 3:01pm
3:05pm 3:09pm 3:17pm 3:26pm 3:31pm
3:35pm 3:39pm 3:47pm 3:56pm 4:01pm
4:00pm 4:04pm 4:12pm 4:21pm 4:26pm
4:28pm 4:32pm 4:40pm 4:49pm 4:54pm
5:00pm 5:04pm 5:12pm 5:21pm 5:26pm
5:30pm 5:34pm 5:42pm 5:51pm 5:56pm
6:00pm 6:04pm 6:12pm 6:21pm 6:26pm
6:30pm 6:34pm 6:42pm 6:51pm 6:56pm
7:00pm 7:04pm 7:12pm 7:21pm 7:26pm
Weekday: Orange LINK Northbound
Burnhaven Dr at The Gramercy W corner
Burnsville Center at SE Entrance
Nicollet Blvd at Fairview Ridges Hosp. SW corner
Heart of the City Station (Orange Line)
Burnsville Transit Station
6:02am 6:09am 6:17am 6:24am 6:28am
6:29am 6:36am 6:44am 6:51am 6:55am
6:59am 7:06am 7:14am 7:21am 7:25am
7:29am 7:36am 7:44am 7:51am 7:55am
8:02am 8:09am 8:17am 8:24am 8:28am
8:32am 8:39am 8:47am 8:54am 8:58am
9:02am 9:09am 9:17am 9:24am 9:28am
9:32am 9:39am 9:47am 9:54am 9:58am
10:02am 10:09am 10:17am 10:24am 10:28am
10:32am 10:39am 10:47am 10:54am 10:58am
11:02am 11:09am 11:17am 11:24am 11:28am
11:32am 11:39am 11:47am 11:54am 11:58am
12:02pm 12:09pm 12:17pm 12:24pm 12:28pm
12:32pm 12:39pm 12:47pm 12:54pm 12:58pm
1:02pm 1:09pm 1:17pm 1:24pm 1:28pm
1:32pm 1:39pm 1:47pm 1:54pm 1:58pm
2:02pm 2:09pm 2:17pm 2:24pm 2:28pm
2:32pm 2:39pm 2:47pm 2:54pm 2:58pm
3:02pm 3:09pm 3:17pm 3:24pm 3:28pm
3:32pm 3:39pm 3:47pm 3:54pm 3:58pm
4:02pm 4:09pm 4:17pm 4:24pm 4:28pm
4:27pm 4:34pm 4:42pm 4:49pm 4:53pm
4:55pm 5:02pm 5:10pm 5:17pm 5:21pm
5:27pm 5:34pm 5:42pm 5:49pm 5:53pm
5:57pm 6:04pm 6:12pm 6:19pm 6:23pm
6:27pm 6:34pm 6:42pm 6:49pm 6:53pm
6:57pm 7:04pm 7:12pm 7:19pm 7:23pm