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495 Mall of America - Burnsville - Shakopee Express Route

Serving Mall of of America Transit Station, Burnsville Transit Station and Marschall Road Transit Station.

- Eastbound trips on Route 495 depart MRTS at 4:35 a.m. and 5:29 a.m. and continue to Amazon before traveling to Mall of America.

- Mystic Lake Shuttle meets most westbound Route 495 trips and connects with many eastbound Route 495 trips.

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Route Subscription

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Monday, Jun 26th, 2017

Weekday: 495 Westbound
Mall of America Transit Station dep Gate D
Burnsville Transit Station
Marschall Road Transit Station
Shenandoah Dr at Hwy 101/4 Av E corner (Amazon dr)
4:00am 4:15am 4:35am 4:45am
4:55am 5:10am 5:30am 5:40am
5:56am 6:11am 6:31am ~
6:27am 6:42am 7:02am ~
7:59am 8:14am 8:34am ~
8:59am 9:14am 9:34am ~
9:59am 10:14am 10:34am ~
10:59am 11:14am 11:34am ~
11:59am 12:14pm 12:34pm ~
12:59pm 1:14pm 1:34pm ~
1:59pm 2:14pm 2:34pm ~
2:54pm 3:09pm 3:29pm ~
3:24pm 3:39pm 3:59pm ~
3:56pm 4:11pm 4:31pm 4:41pm
4:59pm 5:14pm 5:34pm ~
5:22pm 5:37pm 5:57pm ~
6:54pm 7:09pm 7:29pm ~
7:54pm 8:09pm 8:29pm ~
9:20pm 9:35pm 9:55pm ~
10:45pm 11:00pm 11:20pm ~
Weekday: 495 Eastbound
Marschall Road Transit Station
Shenandoah Dr at Hwy 101/4 Av E corner (Amazon dr)
Burnsville Transit Station
Mall of America Transit Station
~ 4:46am 5:01am 5:21am
~ 5:40am 5:55am 6:15am
6:36am ~ 6:56am 7:16am
7:36am ~ 7:56am 8:16am
8:36am ~ 8:56am 9:16am
9:36am ~ 9:56am 10:16am
10:36am ~ 10:56am 11:16am
11:36am ~ 11:56am 12:16pm
12:36pm ~ 12:56pm 1:16pm
1:36pm ~ 1:56pm 2:16pm
2:34pm ~ 2:54pm 3:14pm
3:35pm ~ 3:55pm 4:15pm
4:36pm ~ 4:56pm 5:16pm
~ 4:42pm 4:57pm 5:17pm
5:45pm 5:55pm 6:10pm 6:30pm
6:40pm ~ 7:00pm 7:20pm
7:36pm ~ 7:56pm 8:16pm
8:36pm ~ 8:56pm 9:16pm
9:36pm ~ 9:56pm 10:16pm
10:25pm ~ 10:45pm 11:05pm
11:25pm ~ 11:45pm 12:05am