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Building Public Awareness

As a public transportation agency, the MVTA makes every effort to keep in touch with those it serves. Staff makes public appearances, gives presentations and teaches transit-related classes.

Cooperation with Commercial Developers 

The purpose of MVTA transit stations are to provide a safe, convenient place for transit riders as well as promote transit services, increase ridership, build public awareness and reduce the number of automobile trips.

To help reduce the number of automobile trips made after passengers exit the bus, the MVTA works with developers regarding plans for land adjacent to MVTA transit stations. Housing, daycare, take-out food, dry cleaners, video rental and shoe repair have been identified as places people travel before and after work, and therefore have been suggested for surrounding development plans. In return, the revenue stream from the sale of land and the lease of parking spaces helps offset the costs of the transit stations.

Jefferson Bus Depot

MVTA provides a link at Burnsville Transit for residents to travel not only throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area but throughout the entire country by serving as a stop location for Jefferson Lines. Jefferson offers service seven days a week to a variety of destinations across the country.

Partnering with Government Agencies

MVTA facilities have been developed through cooperative efforts with MnDOT, the Metropolitan Council, the Federal government, and local city and county governments. 

Working with Regional Systems

MVTA works with the Metropolitan Council, and the other metropolitan transit operators, to ensure a seamless fare structure and connectivity between all buses throughout the region.