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County Road 42 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Study

Mar 22, 2024 2:01 pm

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What is the County Road 42 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Study?

Through previous studies and planning efforts at the city and county levels, the County Road 42 corridor has been identified as a candidate for enhanced transit service, providing an important east-west connection between Scott and Dakota Counties.

Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) is leading the County Road 42 BRT Study to identify feasible and community-based alternatives for implementing BRT in the County Road 42 corridor.

The findings from this study will serve as a basis for decision-making and guide the next phase in making BRT along County Road 42 a reality.

What is Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)?

BRT is a package of transit enhancements that adds up to a faster trip and improved experience. Some examples of typical BRT enhancements include:

  • Off-board fare payment so the bus leaves the station faster
  • Station design features such as raised platforms that allow for easy boarding and alighting
  • Station amenities such as shelters, lighting, and added security that provide for a comfortable waiting space
  • More frequent service and fewer stops than local routes to help keep the bus moving efficiently
  • Traffic signal prioritization to give the bus early or extended green lights

BRT has the flexibility to tailor itself to a corridor’s varying contexts – at times operating in mixed traffic, dedicated lanes, highways, or off-road dedicated guideways responding to available right-of-way and accommodating the needs of other modes.

This study will explore these various approaches to determine the best fit for the County Road 42 corridor.


Contact Us: Joya Stetson, MVTA Planning and Outreach Manager,; 100 E. Highway 13 Burnsville, MN 55337.